Saudi Scientists Have Developed An ‘intelligent’ Ventilator That Absorbs Oxygen From The Air

Thol: Scientists In Saudi Arabia Have Developed An “Intelligent” And Short-form Ventilator That Absorbs Oxygen From The Air And Adjusts The Amount Of Oxygen Needed By The Patient.

This feat has been jointly performed by Ahad Syed and Dr. Adnan Qamar of King Abdul Aziz University of Science and Technology.

This ventilator is so short that it can be easily fitted in a normal ambulance and can be placed on the bedside of the patient’s home if required.

Unlike ordinary ventilators, it does not need to be connected to an oxygen cylinder or central oxygen supply system all the time, but it absorbs the air around it and separates it from the oxygen supply to the patient.

This ventilator, dubbed the “vanity bag”, is equipped with special sensors and an effective system of artificial intelligence.

Using them, it constantly monitors the patient’s heartbeat and respiratory rate, as well as changes in them, and increases and decreases the amount of oxygen the patient needs based on these.

That is, this intelligent ventilator provides a patient with exactly the amount of oxygen he needs. Neither less nor more

It should be noted that the air we breathe contains 21% oxygen. Too much or too little oxygen in the air can be detrimental to health and life.

This intelligent ventilator, developed by Dr. Adnan Qamar and Ahad Syed, has also been declared the winner of the competition called “KAUST Cove 19 Innovation Challenge”.

However, it is currently in the form of a prototype that is being further improved to make it usable in hospitals and homes.

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