Searching For Palestinian Prisoners, Israel Enters The Army

Israel Has Deployed Troops In The Occupied West Bank, According To The Report, Israeli Combat Battalions Have Entered The Occupied West Bank.

The Israeli air force also continues to carry out air strikes. The Israeli army chief has claimed that the operation is being carried out to catch people who have escaped from Israeli jails.

It should be noted that 6 Palestinian prisoners managed to escape from the prison in the northern Israeli city of Besan under tight security.

According to the report, all these Palestinians escaped through a tunnel that they had dug themselves. Israeli police also conducted a search operation in the area with the help of military helicopters to search for the escaped prisoners.

Preliminary information indicated that all six escaped prisoners were from Jenin in the West Bank and may have managed to enter the North West Bank.

Israeli police say intelligence services are involved in a major police operation to find the men. Police said drones and helicopters were also being used in the search operation.

According to the Israeli newspaper, the length of the tunnel dug by the Palestinian prisoners reaches tens of meters. The entrance to the tunnel was discovered a few meters outside the outer wall of the prison.

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