Successful Baby’s Heart Surgery In The Mother’s Womb

A Tumor In A Mother’s Womb Has Been Successfully Removed In A Complex Surgery In The United States.

A team of doctors at a medical center in the US state of Ohio performed successful surgery on the baby in the mother’s womb. According to the baby’s mother, she was 25 weeks pregnant when doctors told her that the baby had a tumor on the left side of her heart.

Surgery is needed to remove it, after which a successful operation removed the baby’s tumor in the mother’s womb. Led by Saudi Dr. Hani Najam.

Dr. Najam says that he never used this method of surgery on the fetus, but this time it was needed because the tumor was growing, which could lead to heart failure.

According to the report, it was decided to perform the surgery 36 hours after the diagnosis. The doctor said that immediately after the removal of the tumor, the heartbeat returned to normal and the compression of the left side ended and the blood flow also improved.

In his message, Dr. Najam was very proud to announce that he had fled Canada and had undergone such a difficult surgery after 16 years of hard work in Saudi Arabia.

The video, released by Cleveland Hospital, shows details of a surgical operation to remove a cancerous tumor from a child’s heart.

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