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Business In Afghanistan Went Back To Normal

After The Taliban Regime Came To Power In Afghanistan, Business Went Back To Normal. According to a report by a foreign news agency, residents of the area say that when the Taliban came to power, it seemed that the parks would be closed, but now they are seeing a large number of women and children […]

Ahmed Masood Seeks Help From US, American Newspaper

Ahmed Massoud, Head Of The Afghan National Resistance Front, Has Used A US Lobbying Group To Gain US Support. According to the American newspaper New York Times, Ahmed Massoud has hired lobbying firm Robert Strike to get American help. The lobbying firm Robert Strike does this for free. Sources close to Ahmed Massoud told the […]

Afghanistan: The Search For The World’s Largest Gold Reserves Begins

The search for the Bactrian Treasure, the world’s largest gold deposit in Afghanistan, has begun. Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Cultural Commission in Afghanistan, said that if the stockpile was moved out of Afghanistan, it was a betrayal of the country and our government was going to take strict action against it. Bacteria, one […]

Afghan Army Chief Announces Made Taliban Formation

Afghan Army Chief Qari Fasihuddin Has Announced The Formation Of A Professional Taliban Army. According to Qari Fasihuddin, the army will protect the country’s borders, while action will be taken against those fighting the Taliban. The Afghan army chief added that the new army would consist of qualified officers, including soldiers from the previous government. […]

False India: Alive Now, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar

Afghanistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Called The News Of His Death On Indian Social Media “False Propaganda.” “The news of my death has been published in the media, which is just false propaganda,” he said in an audio statement, according to AFP. “I’ve been traveling for the last few nights, and I’m […]

6 Million Dollars And Gold Bricks Recovered From The House Of Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh

6.5 million has been recovered from the home of former Afghan Vice President Marullah Saleh. According to Afghan media, 18 gold bricks were also recovered from Amrullah Saleh’s house. Afghan leader Ahmadullah Muttaqi has confirmed the recovery of money from Amrullah Saleh’s house. It may be recalled that Amrullah Saleh had issued a statement a […]

Ahmed Masood Did Not Leave The Country: Where Are You? The Afghanistan Resistance Front Said

Panjshir: The Afghanistan Resistance Front Has Denied That Ahmed Masood Left The Country And Moved Abroad, But At The Same Time Admitted That The Taliban Have Taken Control Of About 70% Of The Roads And Streets. Iran’s Fars news agency quoted sources close to Ahmad Massoud as saying. According to the news agency, Qasim Mohammadi […]

Women Can Continue Education With Hijab And Veil Arrangement In Classrooms, Taliban

Kabul: The Taliban Government’s Higher Education Minister Has Said That Women In Afghanistan Can Continue Their Education In Universities, Including The Postgraduate Level, But That Gender Classification And Islamic Dress In The Classroom Will Be Mandatory. According to the International News Agency, the Taliban government’s Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani, while giving a policy statement […]

In The Chaos And Chaos From Afghanistan, 200 Children Arrived In Qatar Without Parents

Doha: 200 Children Without Parents Arrived In Qatar On Flights From Afghanistan. According to the international news agency, since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, millions of citizens have been transferred directly to the United States or the United Kingdom, while transit flights to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. However, it has now been […]

The Bodies Of 3 Afghan Nationals Who Went To India For Treatment Were Taken To Pakistan

Lahore: The Bodies Of Three Afghan Nationals Have Been Brought To Lahore From India Via Wagah Border And From Here They Were Sent To Afghanistan Via Torkham Border. According to documents and information received by News, three Afghan nationals, including two women and a man, had gone to India for treatment, but their treatment was […]