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The International Community Should Help The Afghan People Without Political Bias, Says Deputy Prime Minister Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s First Deputy Prime Minister And Taliban Deputy Chief Abdul Ghani Baradar Has Called On The International Community To Help The People Of Afghanistan Without Political Bias. Afghanistan’s First Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar said in a video message that Afghanistan needs the international community for food, shelter and money. He called on the […]

US Congressmen Demand Release Of Frozen Afghan Assets

Members Of The US Congress Have Called On The Biden Administration To Release The Frozen Assets Of Afghanistan To The Appropriate UN Body, Not The Taliban, But To Help The Afghan People. Winter Can Wreak Havoc On Afghanistan. Members of Congress wrote a letter to the US Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury […]

Afghanistan: The Taliban Government Has Started Issuing Passports

In Afghanistan, The Taliban Government Has Started Issuing Passports. The Afghan Taliban announced on Saturday that the process of issuing passports to applicants would begin on Sunday. Alam Gul Haqqani, head of the passport department at the Taliban’s interior ministry, said all technical issues had been resolved and the issuance of passports would begin on […]

US-Afghan War Scrutiny Bill Removes Clause On Pakistan

Washington: The US Senate Has Approved A Bill To Set Up An Independent Commission To Fully Investigate The Afghan War, While Removing A Provision In The Old Version Of The Bill To Investigate Pakistan’s Role. According to the international news agency, a defense bill has been passed in the US Senate. The bill calls for […]

The Taliban Prepared The First Budget Despite The Lack Of Foreign Aid And Frozen Funds

Kabul: The Taliban Government Has Prepared The Country’s First Budget Despite Receiving No Foreign Aid And Restoring Frozen Assets. The Taliban government’s finance ministry has drafted the country’s first annual budget, according to the International News Agency. The Taliban government was facing difficulties due to lack of funds for this budget. In this regard, the […]

The Taliban Did Not Capture Kabul But Were Invited, Hamid Karzai Said

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai Says The Taliban Did Not Seize The Afghan Capital, Kabul, But Were Invited. According to a foreign news agency, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai in an interview with former President Ashraf Ghani about leaving the country and the Taliban taking power said that the Taliban were invited to enter the […]

US National Security Act 2022: Pakistan Is Not Included In Taliban Occupation Of Kabul

The US House Of Representatives Has Removed All Negative References To Pakistan’s Role In Controlling The Taliban In Kabul. Under the US National Security Act 2022, the US Secretary of Defense had to confirm before a congressional committee that providing support to Pakistan was necessary in the interests of US national security. However, the word […]

Food Crisis In Afghanistan: International Donors Decide To Help With Frozen Funds

International Donors Have Decided To Release 280 Million Dollars From Frozen Funds To Address The Humanitarian Crisis In Afghanistan. According to the World Bank, the money will be transferred to UN agencies, the World Food Program and UNICEF to address health and food issues. According to the World Bank, both agencies have the ability to […]

Decision To Represent Afghanistan In UN Postponed

United Nations: The UN General Assembly Yesterday Passed A Resolution Postponing The Recognition Of Representatives Of The Afghan Taliban And Myanmar’s Military Government Indefinitely. According to the foreign news agency AFP, the resolution comprising the agreement of the 9-nation UN Credentials Committee, including the United States, Russia and China, was adopted unanimously without a vote […]

Free Delivery Of Medicines To Afghanistan By Pakistani Pharma Companies

The Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, At The Request Of Dr. Qalandar Ibad, Minister Of Health Of Afghanistan, Started Shipping Medicines And Medical Devices To Afghanistan And Two Containers Of Medicines Worth Rs. 25 Million Were Dispatched From Karachi To Islamabad. Atif Iqbal, central vice chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, said that Pakistani pharmaceutical […]