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George Floyd Murder: Accused Policeman Sentenced To 22 Years In Prison

Minneapolis: A Minnesota Judge Has Sentenced Former Police Officer Derek Choon To 22 Years And Six Months In Prison For The Murder Of 46-year-old African-american George Floyd. According to the report, former police officer Derek Choun was arrested in May last year in connection with the murder of George Floyd, after the video of which […]

The Birth Of The Woman’s 10 Children Turned Out To Be A Drama

Cape Town: A Woman Who Created The Drama Of Giving Birth To 10 Children Has Been Arrested In South Africa. According to a foreign news agency, a 37-year-old South African woman had entered the Guinness Book of World Records by claiming the birth of 10 children at the same time, but the matter later turned […]

The Young Man Made A Solar Car Out Of Wood

Sierra Leone: Emmanuel Olive Mansare, A 24-year-old Inventor From The South African Country Of Sierra Leone, Has Built A Unique Car Using Junk That Can Travel At Speeds Of Up To 15 Kilometers Per Hour. Emmanuel called his invention the “imaginary car” (Imagination Car) in which the only new thing is the solar panel mounted […]

The Birth Of 10 Children At The Same Time, The Woman’s Name Is Listed In The Guinness Book Of World Records

The South African Woman Set A World Record By Giving Birth To 10 Children At The Same Time. The Woman’s Name Was Entered In The Guinness Book Of World Records. The doctor had told her that she was going to have an abnormal birth. According to the report, 7 boys and 3 girls were born […]

Mahatma Gandhi’s Great-granddaughter Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Fraud

A South African Court Has Sentenced Mahatma Gandhi’s Great-granddaughter Ashish Lata Ram Gobin To Seven Years In Prison For 6 Million Rand Fraud. Ashish Lata Ram Gobin, 56, was found guilty of cheating with industrialist SR Maharaj, NDTV reported. The report quoted the Press Trust of India as saying that SR Maharaj had paid Ashish […]

Terrorist Attack In The African Country Of Burkina Faso, 100 Civilians Killed

Ouagadougou: Terrorists Attacked A Village In The West African Country Of Burkina Faso, Killing More Than 100 Residents. According to foreign media reports, armed assailants attacked a village in the West African country of Burkina Faso, killing more than 100 people. The assailants entered a small village in Solhan at around 2pm local time on […]