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Corona’s Biggest War, A Record 1.2 Million Cases A Day

Corona’s Biggest War To Date, With 1.2 Million Cases Recorded Worldwide In A Single Day. The record of daily new cases was also broken in the United States. The previous day, 312,000 cases were recorded. It also became a new record in the history of France. One hundred and eighty thousand new cases were recorded […]

Authorities In China Have Killed Cats In Corona

Beijing: Chinese Authorities Have Killed Three Domestic Cats After Testing Positive For Corona. According to Beijing News Online, authorities in the southern Chinese city of Harbin killed corona-positive pet cats simply because they had no cure for animals infected with code 19. Authorities say the cats increased the risk of coronary heart disease in their […]

Another Benefit Of Vaccinating Pregnant Women Against Covid-19 Has Emerged

Women Who Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19 During Pregnancy Can Also Protect Their Newborns From The Disease In This Way. This was revealed in a new medical study in the United States. Research from the New York University Grossman School of Medicine found that pregnant women who use Pfizer / Biotech and modern vaccines also pass […]

Risk Of Mental Complications In People Who Become Seriously Ill With Corona

Experts Have Revealed That People Who Become Seriously Ill With Covid 19 Have An Increased Risk Of Mental Complications. According to US research, patients with severe coronavirus may develop mental disorders or severe problems during treatment or after recovery. The University of Michigan study included 150 patients who were hospitalized with Covid 19. A complication […]

Corona Sanctions Lifted In Sweden And Denmark And The Netherlands

Despite The Threat Of The New Dangerous Corona Virus Delta, Life Has Returned To Normal In Three European Countries, Sweden, Denmark And The Netherlands. In the Netherlands, fully vaccinated people will be able to visit clubs, parties and restaurants from September 25 and will not have to worry about any social distance. However, every citizen […]

The Third Dose Of The Corona Vaccine Must Be Taken Soon: World Magazine Warning

Washington – The World’s Leading Magazine Has Sounded The Alarm Over The Corona Virus, Which Has Been Declared A Global Epidemic, Warning That The World Will Soon Need A Third Dose Of The Vaccine. The world-renowned Foreign Policy Magazine has published an article by award-winning journalist Lori Gert in its latest issue in which she […]

The Best Diet To Help Reduce The Risk Of Covid Infection

People Who Eat Foods That Are Good For Health Are Less Likely To Be Infected With Covid-19 Than Others. This was revealed in a joint study by British and American medical experts. The study, by King’s College London and Harvard Medical School, examined data from about 600,000 people using the Zoe Code study app. These […]

The Number Of Deaths From Corona In The World Has Exceeded 4.6 Million

Corona Has So Far Killed 4.67 Million People Worldwide. The Number Of People Infected With The Virus Has Reached 22 Crore 27 Lakh 77 Thousand 304. Around the world, 1,88,72,484 patients with corona virus are being treated in hospitals, quarantine centers and in isolation at home, of which 14,557 patients are in critical condition and […]

The Reason For The Rapid Spread Of The Corona Type Delta Came To Light

Delta, A Highly Contagious Form Of Corona Virus, Is Spreading Rapidly In Most Countries, But What Is The Cause? The answer to this question has emerged in a new study by medical experts from the UK and India. The study, published in the medical journal Nature, found that the spread of the corona-type delta may […]

United States: Corona, The Business Of Fake Vaccination Certificates Began To Spread

Washington: The Business Of Fake Vaccination Certificates Has Also Reached Its Peak In The United States. At Present, The World’s Only Superpower Claimant, A Fake Vaccination Certificate Is Available In The United States For 25 To 200 Dollars, Which Is Equivalent To About Four To 32 Thousand Pakistani Rupees. It may be mentioned that an […]