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Discovery Of Another New Type Of Corona, The Delta Cron

Cyprus: A number of new strains of the corona virus, known as the global epidemic, have been discovered so far, and this is probably the reason why this contagious and dangerous disease has not yet been completely eradicated. In the last few days, after the Delta, Omekron has been terrorizing the people, and then a […]

The Number Of Corona Cases Exceeds 300 Million

Another Catastrophic Outbreak Of The Global Epidemic Starting In 2019, The Number Of Corona Cases Worldwide Has Exceeded 300 Million. The number of deaths from corona worldwide has reached close to 5.5 million, with the total number of corona cases in the United States exceeding 59.5 million. The total number of Corona cases in India […]

A New Variant Of The Corona Virus Has Emerged In France

Paris: A Brand New Variant Of The Corona Virus Has Emerged In France, Which Local Experts Have Dubbed “IHU”. According to the international news agency, medical experts in France have discovered a new variant of the corona virus in the southern part of the country. The new variant has been confirmed in a person from […]

The World Health Organization Has Given A Possible Date For The Extinction Of Corona

The World Health Organization Has Commented On The Possible Timing Of The End Of The Coronavirus Outbreak. According to foreign media, the head of the World Health Organization’s technical delegation to Corona, Dr. Maria Van Karkhov, while answering questions about the new type of Corona, Omi Crone, said that there is a national possibility that […]

Discovery Of The Most Effective Medicine In Plants To Eradicate Corona Virus

Nottingham: British Scientists Have Discovered An Untouched Drug In Plants That Can Kill A Variety Of Viruses, Including The Corona Virus And Its Delta Variant. According to the details, the drug is called “thapsigargin” or “TG” for short, which was discovered by experts at the University of Nottingham, UK and isolated in pure form in […]

Corona Virus: Another 500,000 Deaths Expected In Europe By February

The World Health Organization (WHO) Has Warned That Europe Could Once Again Become The Epicenter Of A Global Epidemic. The head of the World Health Organization in Europe said there could be another 500,000 deaths on the continent by February, due to a lack of vaccines. According to WHO records, 1.4 million deaths have been […]

Video Of Corona Patient’s Body Dumped In River Goes Viral In India, Staff Arrested

Uttar Pradesh: Police Have Arrested Two People After A Video Of The Body Of A Patient Who Died From Corona In India Was Dumped In A River From A Bridge Went Viral. A video has gone viral on a social networking site showing two people throwing the plastic-wrapped body of a Corona patient into a […]

Approval Of The Use Of Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Under 12 Years Of Age In The United States.

The FDA has approved the Pfizer / Bio-N-Tech code vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 years. The vaccine is already being used in the United States for people 16 years of age or older, and now includes much younger children. The Pfizer vaccine is being used in the United States under emergency […]