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Terrible Hurricanes Could Wreak Havoc Around The World, Experts Say

Connecticut: A Global Team Of Environmentalists Has Warned That In The Current Century, Not Only Will The Number And Intensity Of Severe Hurricanes (Hurricanes And Typhoons) Increase Annually, But They Will Reach Most Parts Of The World And Wreak Havoc. The study, published in the latest issue of the research journal Nature Geoscience, examines the […]

The Brains Of People With Epilepsy Quickly ‘age’, Experts Say

People With A Long History Of Epilepsy Tend To Age Faster, Which Can Make It Harder For Dementia To Develop. New research shows that the brains of people with epilepsy appear to be about 10 years older than those without epilepsy. Epilepsy patients also experience a rapid decline in cognitive ability, including memory and reasoning […]

A New Variant Of The Corona Virus Could Be Even More Dangerous Than The Delta Virus, Experts Say

Geneva: Global Virus Experts Have Discovered A New Variant Of The Novel Corona Virus (SARS Cove 2), Which They Are Concerned Could Be More Dangerous Than The “Delta Variant”. Experts say that the “variant protein” (spike protein) on the surface of the new variant of the corona virus has 32 changes compared to the old […]

Rising Temperatures Will Also Increase Heart Disease, Experts Say

Montreal: Canadian Experts Warn That Global Warming Could Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease, With Older People Living In Poorer Countries More Likely To Be Affected. He made the discovery after re-examining various studies on the relationship between extreme heat and disease. He says the rise in heart disease is not limited to heat waves, […]

There Is A Need For Research On The Growing Number Of Jellyfish In Pakistani Seas, Experts Say

Karachi: The Number Of Jellyfish Found In Pakistani Seas Is Increasing Rapidly Which Needs Time To Be Researched. World Jellyfish Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan today. Aquatic creatures found in the sea can be deadly and deadly to humans, in the creek areas of the Indus River, while in the […]

Warning! Exercise Before Bed Is Harmful, Experts Say

Ontario: Canadian Scientists Have Discovered That People Who Exercise Well Two Hours Before Bedtime Not Only Fall Asleep Late, But Their Sleep Can Also Be Affected. The report, published in the research journal Sleep Medicine Review, found that people who completed their exercise or physical activity two hours or more before going to bed at […]

Eliminating Corona Is Difficult, Not Impossible, Experts Say

Wellington: Scientists In New Zealand Have Expressed Hope That The Recent Covid 19 Global Epidemic Will Be Difficult But Not Impossible To Eradicate. This is stated in a research report published in the latest issue of the research journal BMJ Global Health, which has been jointly compiled by scientists from various universities and research institutes […]

In Ten Years, 4.7 Million Girls Will Be Killed Before They Are Born, Experts Say

Saudi Arabia: Scientists Fear That If The Global Trend Of “Having Children” Continues, 4.7 Million Girls Will Be Killed By Abortion Before They Are Born In The Next Ten Years. According to a report published by a panel of global experts in the latest issue of the research journal BMJ Global Health, the findings are […]

Hepatitis B And C Kills Four Times Daily In Pakistan, Experts Say

Different Types Of Hepatitis Kill 4 Times More People Across Pakistan Every Day Than Coronavirus. These views were expressed by gastroenterologists while addressing an awareness seminar on World Hepatitis Day 2021 at Karachi Press Club. According to experts, hepatitis B and C kill more than 300 people a day in Pakistan, three to four times […]

Cases Of Dementia Could Increase By Three Times, Experts Say

Dementia Is A Silent Disease That Takes A Person From The Ladder Of Loneliness To The Brink Of Death. All Over The World It Is Seen As A Dangerous Disease That Badly Affects The Human Brain And Nerves In Old Age. This disease, which occurs in old age, weakens a person mentally and emotionally and […]