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Children Of Those Who Have Not Been Vaccinated Against Coronavirus Can Also Be Infected With Covid-19, Experts Say

Louisiana: US Experts Warn That If Adults Do Not Get The Corona Vaccine, Their Children Could Be Infected With The Corona Virus And Their Numbers Could Increase. Dr. Shefflin and colleagues at the Tulin University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana, after analyzing data on the Covid 19 global epidemic in the United States, […]

Vaccination Can Prevent The Spread Of Corona Virus, Experts Say

Various Vaccines Are Being Used Around The World To Prevent Covid-19, But No Vaccine Has Yet Been Developed That Can Provide 100% Protection Against The Disease. That’s why hearing about cod cases in athletes, lawyers and others, despite vaccinations, sounds awful, but experts say the evidence suggests that vaccines are working the way they thought […]

Several Variants Of The Corona Can Strike Simultaneously, Experts Say

Berlin: Experts Warn That Several Variants Of The Corona Virus Could Be Invading At The Same Time, And A Similar Case Has Been Reported In Belgium In Which A 90-year-old Woman From Alpha And Delta Genetic Variants Of Corona Died. The Game Was Lost. According to the International News Agency, the medical history of a […]

Seasonal Flu Can Save Us From Covid 19, Experts Say

Connecticut: U.S. Scientists Have Discovered That Seasonal Flu Reduces The Risk Of Contracting The Covid-19 Epidemic. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly is that the “flu” of the seasonal flu virus and the coronavirus are very similar. That is, the human body’s resistance to the common cold can also help us […]