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The Bride Enters The Wedding Hall In A Unique Way, The Case Is Registered

New Delhi: In India, The Bride Reached The Wedding Hall Sitting In The Bonnet Of The Car. According to Indian media, different methods are used to commemorate weddings in India. A similar style was adopted by the bride in Pune. The bride sat on the bonnet of the car and reached the wedding hall. Everyone […]

Horse Snoring And Drunkenness Punishment: Three And A Half Years Hard Labor

Moscow: A Few Days Ago, A Russian Citizen Was Sentenced To Three-and-a-half Years In Prison For Harassing His Neighbors For The Past Two Years With Loud Noises And Loud Hooves. According to reports, Yuri Kondratiev, a 47-year-old resident of the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod, whose neighbors have been filing complaints against him at the […]

A Young Man Who Lived 555 Days Without A Real Heart

Michigan: The Wonders Of Technology Continue And Recently Came The News From A Machine Gun Where A Young Man Has Been Fitted With An External Artificial Heart After Suffering A Heart Attack. This Heart Kept Beating And Giving Life To The Young Man For 555 Consecutive Days And Finally In 2016 He Got A Real […]

The Child Playing The Game Forced The Father To Sell The Car

London: A 7-year-old Boy Playing Online Games In The UK Has Forced His Father To Sell A Car. According to a foreign news agency, Dr. Muhammad Murtaza, who lives in the North Wales area of ​​the United Kingdom, got into trouble when his seven-year-old son made an online game and made a purchase of Rs. […]

These Scientists Are Experts At Talking To Frogs “Trotting”!

Victoria: Professor Michael Mahoney, A Senior Scientist At The University Of Newcastle In Australia, “Frogs” Like A Frog To Talk To Him. And When The Frogs Try To Answer Them, They Are Very Happy. They imitate the voices of frogs so skillfully that even the frogs themselves are deceived and forced to respond to them. […]

The World Of Strange Buildings And Images

A Website Has Created A Gallery With Pictures Of The Strangest Buildings In The World. Some designers have created buildings of specific styles and shapes, deviating from the traditional design of buildings. The crab-shaped building is part of a new ecological center being built in China. The building, consisting of three Chinese deities, belongs to […]

TV Anchor Demands Pay In Live Broadcasts

The TV Anchor Complained About Not Getting Paid In Live Broadcasts And Demanded Payment. According to a foreign news agency, a TV anchor in the African city of Zambia suddenly complained about the non-payment of his and his colleagues’ salaries during the newsletter. Which caused a stir in the institution. The TV anchor started the […]

In India, Police Constables Used To Send Sale To His Duty By Giving Police Training

New Delhi: Police Constable Anil Kumar, Stationed In The Muradabad Area Of The Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh, Used To Send His Brother-in-law To His Home After Giving Police Training At Home. According to Indian media, Muradabad police officials have told the media that an unidentified person against Constable Anil Kumar informed the police that […]

The European Town Where A House Costs Only 25 Rupees

Croatia Is A Beautiful Country In Europe And It Takes Millions Of Dollars To Buy A House There. But in a small town in northern Croatia, houses are being sold for just one kvina (Croatian currency about 25 rupees) to supplement the declining population. The town of Lagarde is home to more than 2,200 people, […]

The Birth Of The Woman’s 10 Children Turned Out To Be A Drama

Cape Town: A Woman Who Created The Drama Of Giving Birth To 10 Children Has Been Arrested In South Africa. According to a foreign news agency, a 37-year-old South African woman had entered the Guinness Book of World Records by claiming the birth of 10 children at the same time, but the matter later turned […]