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In South Africa, Citizens Consider Stones A Precious Treasure

Cape Town: In South Africa, Citizens Consider The Stones Found During Excavations To Be A Precious Treasure. According to a foreign news agency, thousands of people have arrived in the area considering the stones found during excavations in South Africa as diamonds. Stones are also being sold for 1,100 Pakistani rupees to 3,500 rupees. South […]

A Plant Worth Rs 3 Million, What Is Special About It?

A Rare Plant With Only Nine Leaves Sold For A Record 14,000 Pounds (Approximately Over Rs. 3 Million) During A Bid On An Online Auction Site In New Zealand. According to the report, the bidding for this rare and diverse species of Rafidophora tetria sperma lasted for a week, which ended on Sunday night, when […]

Police Forcibly Celebrated The Thief’s 18th Birthday At The Police Station

Rio De Janeiro: Police In The Brazilian State Of Rio Grande Do Norte Have Arrested A Young Thief On His 18th Birthday And Forcibly Celebrated His 18th Birthday At A Police Station To Embarrass Him. Not only that, but the thief’s mother was also invited to the forced birthday party and during this time, the […]

This Woman’s Eyelids Are 8 Inches Long

Beijing: A Chinese Woman’s Beautiful And Long Eyelashes Attract Everyone’s Attention. Now, According To The Guinness Book Of World Records, Some Of Her Eyelids Are Up To 8 Inches Long, Which She Takes Good Care Of. The woman’s name is Yun Jianjia and she first set her own record in June 2016, when her average […]