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Yam Is Very Useful In Lowering Cholesterol

Washington: A Very Cheap Vegetable Can Reduce Diseases Like Cholesterol And That Is Sugar. Yes! Nowadays, Yams, Which Are Widely Available All Over Pakistan And Are Being Sold Hot On Stalls, Can Not Only Lower LDL Cholesterol But Can Also Be A Safety Shield For Us In The Ever-changing Atmosphere Of Code. Cholesterol thickens the […]

A Dangerous Omecron Symptom That Occurs During Sleep

A Study Has Revealed That People With Omekron Face Many Complications During Sleep. According to a report by a foreign news agency, people infected with Omekron suddenly become paralyzed while sleeping at night. According to the report, such people cannot move, and their ability to speak before waking up and going to bed is reduced. […]

Corona’s Biggest War Worldwide, Record Over 2.5 Million Cases

Beginning In 2019, Corona Suffered Its Biggest Blow To The World, With More Than 2.5 Million Cases Recorded In A Single Day Worldwide. In five days, nearly 10 million cases were reported worldwide, with more than 542,000 new cases reported in the United States and 332,000 new cases reported in France. One hundred and ninety-four […]

A New Variant Of The Corona Virus Has Emerged In France

Paris: A Brand New Variant Of The Corona Virus Has Emerged In France, Which Local Experts Have Dubbed “IHU”. According to the international news agency, medical experts in France have discovered a new variant of the corona virus in the southern part of the country. The new variant has been confirmed in a person from […]

Sales Of Tomatoes Eradicating Mental Illness In Japan

Tokyo: Tomatoes Are Being Sold In Japan That Are Claimed To Lower Blood Pressure, Help With Good Sleep And Relieve Anxiety. These tomatoes have been developed by a Japanese biotechnology company, Snatic Seed, with the help of the latest genetic engineering technique, Crisper. They naturally produce a substance called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) which lowers […]

Kiwi Fruit And Exercise Can Reduce Obesity Rapidly

Australia: Nature Has Scattered Treasures Of Healing Around Us. If You Exercise Regularly To Lose Weight, Kiwi Fruit Can Make This Process More Useful And Help You Burn More Body Fat. A new study has found that if kiwi fruit is eaten and exercise is continued, it speeds up the process of melting belly fat […]

Discover The Link Between Vitamin K And Better Heart Health

Perth: Scientists Say A New Link Between Vitamin K And Heart Disease Has Emerged After A Long Study. If You Continue To Eat Foods Rich In Vitamin K, It Reduces The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease By 34%. In this regard, 50,000 people have been surveyed in Denmark and this survey has been going on […]

Headaches Can Be Fatal

Headaches Are Not Always Dangerous, But Can Sometimes Lead To Death. Doctors Can Reduce This Risk If Diagnosed Early. The following are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored. 1) Headache for a few seconds or minutes that is unbearable. 2) The intensity of the pain changes as the body changes direction. 3) […]

Covid-19 Is Expected To Be Phased Out In 2022, According To The World Health Organization

Geneva: The Head Of The World Health Organization Says The Corona Epidemic Is Expected To End In 2022. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, said in a social media post that the Corona epidemic is expected to end in 2022 as the world now has the tools to control the epidemic. Tedros […]

Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Dose Is 85% Effective Against Omecron

Johannesburg: South African Research And Medical Experts Say Johnson & Johnson’s Booster Dose Is Up To 85% Effective Against Omega Krone. According to international media reports, the South African Medical Research Council recently conducted a study involving 69,000 health workers. Members of the medical staff were given two doses of the corona vaccine over a […]