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Which Aircraft Seat Will Be The Best In Corona Epidemic?

Illinois: An Interesting But Useful Study In The United States Has Found That Choosing The Right Seat For Yourself While Traveling By Ship In The Global Epidemic Of Covid-19 Can Greatly Prevent This Disease. Dr. Sheldon Jacob, a professor of engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, and his students observed the process of […]

Lab Error, 886 Patients Of Corona Declared Healthy

Sydney: 886 Corona Patients Have Been Declared Healthy Due To A Laboratory Error In Australia. According to foreign media, a laboratory in Sydney, Australia, issued false test reports of 886 corona patients and declared them safe from corona. According to laboratory administrators, an unusual number of corona tests and data processing errors over Christmas led […]

Accidental Meeting With The Surgeon Removed The Man’s Ugliness

Conrado Estrada, A Native Of New York City, USA, Had A Bizarre Medical Condition When His Nasal Passages Protruded, Causing Him Embarrassment And Discomfort. In medical parlance this medical condition is called rhinophyma. Conrado had been seeking treatment for years, but one day he met Dr. Thomas Romo, who is the director of facial plastic […]

At The Time Of Death, A ‘brain Tsunami’ Occurs In Humans

Cologne, Germany: Although Experts Have Been Considering This For Some Time, In 2018 It Was Discovered For The First Time That Strange Changes Take Place In The Brain Which Makes It Impossible To Reverse The Brain Damage And The Resulting Brain Death. But Now It Is Known That There Is An Electrochemical Shock In The […]

How To Prevent Kidney Failure? 11 Precautions

The Function Of The Kidneys Is To Filter Waste Products And Excretions From The Body Through Urine. When The Kidneys Refuse To Do This, Such A Medical Condition Is Called Kidney Failure. There are 11 precautions that can be taken to prevent kidney failure. 1) High blood pressure and diabetes: High blood pressure and diabetes […]

Omi Kron Cases On The Rise In Pakistan

The National Institutes Of Health Has Confirmed 75 Cases Of Omi Kron In Pakistan. According to the report of National Institutes of Health, 17 cases have been reported in Islamabad, 33 in Karachi and 13 in Lahore. According to the report, 12 cases of Omi Kron were found among the people coming from abroad while […]

Drinking Warm Milk Is Really Good For Deep Sleep, Research Says

Washington: It Is Common For People To Drink A Hot Cup Of Milk Before Going To Bed. But Now Science Has Considered Whether Drinking Milk At Night Really Brings Deep Sleep. Experts have given a mixed answer. We know that milk contains a variety of amino acids that make up important proteins. These proteins bring […]

Successful Baby’s Heart Surgery In The Mother’s Womb

A Tumor In A Mother’s Womb Has Been Successfully Removed In A Complex Surgery In The United States. A team of doctors at a medical center in the US state of Ohio performed successful surgery on the baby in the mother’s womb. According to the baby’s mother, she was 25 weeks pregnant when doctors told […]

Blueberries Are Good For The Heart

London: Extraordinary Benefits Of Berries Continue To Emerge And Now It Has Been Revealed About Blueberries That They Not Only Control Diabetes But Can Be Beneficial For The Heart. According to a report published in the research journal Lincoln Nutrition, daily consumption of a cup of blueberries keeps the heart healthy overall. This is because […]

The US Military Has Also Developed The Corona Vaccine

Virginia: Scientists At The Walter Reed Institute Of Research (WRAIR) Have Developed A New Vaccine That They Claim Is Effective Against A Variety Of Corona Viruses. They Also Include All Variants Of The Corona Virus Responsible For The Recent Epidemic Of Covid 19. The vaccine contains “spike ferritin nanoparticles” (SpFN) which has been successfully tested […]