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10 Best Times To Drink Water

By The Way, The More Water You Drink, The Better For Your Health, But According To The Well-known Medical News Website WebMD, There Are Times In 24 Hours When Drinking Water Can Be Very Useful. Day and night 15 working hours are being written in which the benefit of drinking water is doubled: 1) When […]

The Most Important Symptoms Of The Omekron Variant Came To The Fore

London: The British Newspaper “Daily Mail” Has Revealed That The Most Important Symptoms Of The “Omekron Variant” Of The Corona Virus Are Different From Its Previous Variants. The newspaper quoted Dr. Tim Spector, a lead scientist and epidemiologist at the ZOE Symptom Tracking Study in the UK, as saying that the five most important symptoms […]

Why Is Cycling Better Than Other Exercises?

Walking And Exercise Have Their Benefits On The Human Body But According To Experts The Benefits Of Cycling Are Much More Than That And You Can Get These Benefits In 2 To 4 Weeks. The following are the benefits of cycling which, after studying, will surely create a quest for cycling in you. 1) Cycling […]

Forest Fires In Brazil Kill 52 Million Species

Scientists Say Wildfires In Brazil Have Killed More Than 20 Million Species. Scientists in Brazil have estimated that the number of animals killed by wildfires in the wetlands of the Pentanal is about 17 million. Scientists say these include species of reptiles, birds and monkeys. Forest fires between January and November burned to ashes 30 […]

Omecron Is Spreading Faster In Countries With Effective Vaccinations, WHO

Genoa: The WHO Says A New Strain Of The Corona Virus, Omicron, Has Spread To 89 Countries Around The World. According to the American broadcaster CBS News, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the number of Omekron virus spreading in 89 countries is doubling every one and a half to three days. The WHO […]

Antibody Code 19 Derived From Sharks Can Destroy The Virus

Wisconsin: Scientists Have Extracted Antibody-type Proteins From The Shark’s Immune System, Dubbed VNAR. This Code Is Expected To Kill 19 Viruses, Their Variants, And Many More. According to a study published on December 16, it cannot be used immediately, but it will be useful for future corona virus outbreaks. It can also kill the SARS […]

EU Decides To Buy 180 Million Doses Of Effective Vaccine Against Omecron

The European Union (EU) Has Decided To Purchase 180 Million Doses Of The Effective Vaccine Against Omecron. EU governments have agreed to buy 180 million doses of effective vaccine against the new coronavirus Omecron. The announcement was made by European Commission President Orsla van der Leyen after a summit of European leaders. Biotech Pfizer Co. […]

Work Stress And Financial Stress Increase The Risk Of Stroke By 30%, Research Shows

Stockholm: A Lengthy Study Of More Than 100,000 People In 21 Countries Found That Work Stress And Financial Stress Increased The Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke By Up To 30%. The study used data from an international study, The Perspective Urban Rule Epidemiology (PURE), which began in 2002. This study, popularly known as “Pure”, […]

Chemicals In Hair Products Can Alter The Hormones Of Pregnant Women

Puerto Rico: About A Year Ago, There Was A Report That The Chemicals In Hair Dye Can Cause Breast Cancer In Women. The Latest News Is That The Chemical Ingredients In Hair Color, Bleach And Relaxers Can Cause Low Levels Of Sex Hormones. Make-up and products also contain phthalates, parabens, phenols and other toxic ingredients […]

156 Stones Were Recovered From The Patient’s Kidney

New Delhi: In India, Doctors Removed 156 Stones From A Patient’s Kidney. According to Indian media, in the Indian state of Telangana, doctors performed a 3-hour long operation and removed 156 stones from the kidney of a 50-year-old patient. The patient reached the government hospital with pain in the kidneys. However, the doctors discharged him […]