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Some Amazing Medical Benefits Of Chocolate

Chocolate Enthusiasts Should Be Happy Now That Chocolate Contains Nutrients And Antidotes That Can Have A Positive Effect On Your Health. There are many types of chocolate, but here we will talk about pure dark chocolate because it contains a lot of chocolate directly from cocoa beans. Dark chocolate is rich in fiber and minerals. […]

Three Doses Of All Vaccines Can Reduce The Severity Of Omecron, US Research Shows

After Britain, American Medical Experts Have Also Said That The Results Show That Two Doses Of Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson Or Moderina Vaccines Do Not Provide Protection Against Omecron. Research by experts from three US hospitals and medical research institutes has shown that three doses of the vaccine can help reduce the severity of omecron. […]

Natural Cannabis Oil Reduces Epileptic Seizures By 86%

London: A Study Of Children With Epilepsy In The UK Found That Pure Hemp Oil Extracted Not Only Reduced Epileptic Seizures By 86% But Also Reduced The Need For Other Epilepsy Medications. ۔ The study looked at 10 children aged 18 and under, severely affected by epilepsy. And who had to take many epilepsy medicines […]

The Right Way To Wash Vegetables And Fruits According To Nutritionists

The Purpose Of Washing Vegetables And Fruits Is To Remove Dust, Pesticides And Germs. Bacteria Include E. Coli, Salmonella And Noroviruses That Can Cause Foodborne Illness. Nutritionists at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say the way vegetables and fruits are usually washed at home before they are used does not meet health standards. According […]

Revealed The Link Between Heart Palpitations And Dementia

London: A Study Has Found That In People Aged 60 And Over, If The Heart Rate Stays Faster Than Normal, It Can Affect Mental Health And Increase The Risk Of Dementia. According to experts from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, there has been significant research on heart rate and mental retardation in middle-aged people before, […]

Some Amazing Benefits Of Fast Food

The Benefits Of Fast Food! Of Course, This May Come As A Surprise To Some People, But After Reading This Article, Many Of You May Agree. 1) Better a poor horse than no horse at all Some people’s routines are very tough during which they do not even have time to eat which can affect […]

The First MRNA Vaccine Against The Flu Also Passed Early Tests

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Biotechnology Company Moderna Has Announced That Its Mrna Vaccine Has Been Tested In The First Phase Of Medical Trials (Phase 1 Clinical Trials) To Prevent The Flu. It should be noted that this is the same ‘mRNA technology’ that Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna have developed their own Covid 19 vaccines which are […]

It Is Better To Give A Nasal Vaccine Than An Injection, Research Says

Connecticut: American Scientists Have Discovered That Nasal Sprays Or Vapors May Be More Effective Than Injections. Yale University experts, led by Professor Akiko Iwasaki, conducted the study on mice, the results of which have been published online in the latest issue of “Science Immunology”. According to the details, the mice were divided into two groups, […]

Young Children’s Reading: The Book Is Still Better Than The Tablet, Research

Michigan: If You Want To Introduce A Book To Very Young Children, A Traditional Paper Book Is Better Than A Tablet. This Increases Their Vocabulary And Increases Their Speaking Ability. An interesting survey was conducted by Tiffany Meunzer, a specialist at CS Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan. Experimentally, they studied the book-tablet relationship between 77 […]

Tea Or Coffee, Which Is Better?

Tea And Coffee Are Two Of The Most Widely Consumed Beverages In The World, But They Are Popular In The Western Hemisphere And In Eastern Culture. The Ingredients In Both And Their Effects Are So Similar That It Is Difficult To Choose One. Enough: Coffee contains more caffeine than tea. As we all know, caffeine […]