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The Number Of Blind People In The World Is Likely To Triple By 2050

The Number Of Blind People Is Expected To Triple By 2050 Due To Lack Of Proper Measures In The World. Vision Day is being observed all over the world including Pakistan today to create awareness among the people about eyesight and to bring out the facts about this disease. On the occasion, Manza Gilani, Country […]

High Blood Pressure In Adolescence Causes The Brain To Age Faster, Research Says

Perth: After 12 Years Of Research, Australian Experts Have Revealed That High Blood Pressure Between The Ages Of 20 And 25 Can Be A Precursor To Many Mental Illnesses That Occur In Old Age. It should be noted that the best normal blood pressure is 110/70. Although 120/80 blood pressure is slightly higher, it is […]

Eat Mushrooms, Get Rid Of Depression

Pennsylvania: Mushrooms Have Magical Properties, And A Long Study Has Found That Adding Mushrooms To Your Diet Can Reduce Your Risk Of Depression. Scientists at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine say that although mushrooms are very useful for many diseases, they can now be very helpful in depression. Earlier, mushrooms have been shown to […]

Dengue: 90% Of The Beds In Government Hospitals In Lahore Are Full

The dengue situation in Lahore is getting worse and up to 90% of the beds in government hospitals are full of patients. According to the news, 49 patients have been admitted in Expo Center Dengi Field Hospital. More than 500 certified dengue patients have been reported in three days. In the last 24 hours, 262 […]

The Fungus Found In The Himalayas Is Also Effective Against Cancer

Oxford: A Brightly Colored Fungus Has Been Used For Medicinal Purposes In The Himalayas For Hundreds Of Years And Has Now Developed A New Chemotherapy Drug That Can Be 40 Times More Effective And Powerful Than Conventional Medicine. This Fungus Has Already Been Used In Many Diseases In China. Scientists at Oxford University, in collaboration […]

Are You Familiar With The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever?

Dengue Fever Is The Fastest-spreading Mosquito-borne Disease Worldwide And Is The Result Of Four Types Of Dengue Viruses. Dengue cases are also on the rise in various cities in Pakistan. An estimated 400 million people worldwide are infected with dengue each year, of which 96 million are ill. Dengue fever is caused by the bite […]

Children Who Watch The Screen Are 80% More Likely To Be Affected By Far-sightedness

Experts Warn That Constant And Prolonged Exposure To Computer And Mobile Phone Screens Increases The Risk Of Far-sightedness In Children By Up To 80%. Experts at Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, have studied 3,000 children and adolescents aged three months to 33 years to see the link between smart device use and low vision. Experts […]

Losing Hair? So Find Out The Amazing Reason For This

Most Men Experience Hair Loss With Age, But Why Does It Happen? And now a new medical study in the United States has revealed a possible answer to this question. Medical experts believe that normal stem cells, including tissues and organs, including hair, begin to die gradually with age, which is also considered an inevitable […]

In Children, The Habit Of Staring At The Screen Can Impair Vision

Cambridge: A New Survey Warns That Especially Young Children Should Be Kept Away From Smartphones And Tablets As Constant Screen Exposure Increases Their Chances Of Developing Myopia By 80 Per Cent. According to a report published in the leading medical research journal Lancet, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge surveyed about 3,000 people between the ages […]

Treat Cancer With Exercise

While Exercise Keeps Other Parts Of Your Body Healthy, It Can Also Help You Control Dangerous Diseases Such As Cancer. Exercise increases the body’s secretion of proteins, such as myocaine, which causes cancer tumors to shrink, according to new research. Experts also believe that people who are undergoing treatment for cancer can overcome cancer faster […]