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The Wave Of Omicron Will End Soon, Experts Hope

New York – A New Epidemic Caused By An Omecron Variant Of The Corona Virus Is Expected To End Soon, US Experts Say. He said this based on data from South Africa and the United Kingdom, where the number of people infected with omecron had risen sharply, but in recent days there has been a […]

Sitting In The Sun Can Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

New York: The Incidence Of Breast Cancer Is On The Rise Worldwide, Especially Among Women. Research Has Now Shown That Sunbathing Can Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer. Interesting research has been done in Puerto Rico to find out the link between sunlight and breast cancer. The main research was conducted by the University of […]

Harmful Cholesterol Lowering Taste Fruits

London: Cholesterol Has Become A Terrible Condition In The Modern World. However, Modern Research Has Shown That Certain Types Of Seasonal And Delicious Fruits Can Lower A Type Of Cholesterol That Is Harmful To Health. We know that there are two main types of cholesterol. These are body fats called LDL and HDL. Of these, […]

When A Drone Saved The Life Of A Heart Attack Victim

A Man Who Suffered A Heart Attack In Sweden Has Survived A Drone Strike. A 71-year-old man suffered a heart attack while clearing snow in December and was sent a de-fibrillator by drone to help him. It is a device that gives a very strong electric shock to the heart so that it becomes active […]

Egg’s Main Protein Is Made In Mold

Helsinki: With The Help Of Genetic Engineering, Finnish Scientists Have Developed A Fungus That Makes Proteins Found In Eggs. It should be noted that eggs are considered as an important source of protein because their whites are rich in healthy protein, which is called ‘ovolbumin’. However, large-scale production of eggs is also detrimental to the […]

The Habit Of Eating Grapes Is Best For Protection Against Heart Attack And Stroke

If You Want To Avoid Life Threatening Diseases Like Heart Attack And Stroke, Make It A Habit To Eat Delicious Fruits. This was revealed in a new medical study conducted in the United States. Volunteers involved in the University of California study were given 46 grams of grapefruit powder daily, which is equivalent to 300 […]

Significant Compounds Discovered In Hospitals Against Hardy Bacteria

London: The Battle Between Humans And Bacteria Has Been Going On For A Long Time As Bacteria Are Rapidly Changing Their Form And Becoming More Severe And Dangerous. Now A New Compound Has Been Discovered In The Soil That Can Kill Bacteria Commonly Found In Hospitals. The most important bacterium that causes infections in hospitals […]

Heart Disease Affects The Brain More In Women, Research

Minnesota: In A Study Of Nearly 2,000 Middle-aged And Elderly People, American Experts Have Discovered That Women’s Brains Are More Affected By Heart Disease Than Men’s. The study, led by Dr. Clifford Jack at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, continued for several years, with periodic heart health and mental abilities being evaluated by 1857 volunteers between […]

Invent A Short And Fast Device For Measuring Blood Pressure

American Engineers Have Invented A Device That Is As Short As A Stapler Pin Machine And Can Detect Blood Pressure In Just Five Seconds. This invention by University of Missouri experts is in the prototype phase, which has been tested on 26 people so far. During the tests, the device detected upper (systolic) blood pressure […]

Corona Began To Be Transmitted From Humans To Animals

Ohio: The Corona Virus, Known As The Global Epidemic, Has Now Begun To Spread From Humans To Animals. Statistically, Deer Are The Most Affected. Other international news agencies, including CNBC News, have been quoted as saying that experts have sounded the alarm, warning that the corona virus has now begun to be transmitted from humans […]