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At The Time Of Death, A ‘brain Tsunami’ Occurs In Humans

Cologne, Germany: Although Experts Have Been Considering This For Some Time, In 2018 It Was Discovered For The First Time That Strange Changes Take Place In The Brain Which Makes It Impossible To Reverse The Brain Damage And The Resulting Brain Death. But Now It Is Known That There Is An Electrochemical Shock In The […]

Drinking Warm Milk Is Really Good For Deep Sleep, Research Says

Washington: It Is Common For People To Drink A Hot Cup Of Milk Before Going To Bed. But Now Science Has Considered Whether Drinking Milk At Night Really Brings Deep Sleep. Experts have given a mixed answer. We know that milk contains a variety of amino acids that make up important proteins. These proteins bring […]

Blueberries Are Good For The Heart

London: Extraordinary Benefits Of Berries Continue To Emerge And Now It Has Been Revealed About Blueberries That They Not Only Control Diabetes But Can Be Beneficial For The Heart. According to a report published in the research journal Lincoln Nutrition, daily consumption of a cup of blueberries keeps the heart healthy overall. This is because […]

The US Military Has Also Developed The Corona Vaccine

Virginia: Scientists At The Walter Reed Institute Of Research (WRAIR) Have Developed A New Vaccine That They Claim Is Effective Against A Variety Of Corona Viruses. They Also Include All Variants Of The Corona Virus Responsible For The Recent Epidemic Of Covid 19. The vaccine contains “spike ferritin nanoparticles” (SpFN) which has been successfully tested […]

The World’s First HIV Vaccine Was Approved By The FDA

Maryland, USA: The US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Has Approved The World’s First Injection That Could Prevent The Spread Of HIV And Prevent AIDS. Its main name is Apparatus, which can protect people at risk of HIV from this contagious disease. This will reduce the hassle of taking antiviral drugs like Trivada and Discovi […]

Discover A Brand New Muscle In The Human Jaw

Switzerland: Despite Extraordinary Advances In Medicine, Many New Parts Of The Human Body Are Still Being Discovered. A Brand New Muscle Has Been Discovered Deep Inside The Jaw. In the depths of the famous mesenteric muscle of the jaw, this muscle has been discovered in the form of a smooth layer which is the third […]

Fish Oil Capsules Are Not Good For Mental Health, Research Says

If You Take Fish Oil Capsules Or Vitamin D Supplements With The Expectation That It Will Help Improve Mental Health, Think Twice Before Spending Money. Yes, the use of fish oil capsules does not benefit mental health in any way as omega 3 fatty acids have no side effects or no effect on anxiety and […]

Oral Disease Is The Cause Of Many Physical And Mental Ailments

Birmingham: After Examining The Poor And Unhealthy Condition Of The Inside Of The Mouth Of Thousands Of People, Experts Have Come To The Conclusion That Gum Disease Can Lead To Various Physical And Even Mental Diseases. A study of more than 60,000 people in the UK found that poor oral health can lead to diseases […]

Don’t Use These 5 Foods In Case Of Anxiety

Conditions Such As Anxiety, Worry Or Worry, Collectively Called Anxiety, Have A Profound Effect On Our Ability To Think, Act And Feel. A Panic Attack Is Also A High Level Of Fear That Can Last For A While. In This Regard, There Are Some Foods Which, If Eaten Or Drunk, Can Aggravate Your Condition. The […]

Meditation Also Strengthens Us Against Diseases, Research Says

Florida: American Experts Have Discovered That Meditation Also Strengthens Our Immune System, Which Is Very Helpful In Protecting Us From Various Diseases. The study was conducted on 106 volunteers who had done ‘Samyama Meditation’. Samyama meditation is completely silent for 8 days, meditation is done for ten hours daily, no meat of any kind is […]