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Indian Army Roasts Its Own Civilians, 13 Killed

New Delhi: The Indian Army Indiscriminately Opened Fire On A Passenger Truck, Killing 13 People. According to the International News Agency, in the northeastern Indian state of Nagaland, the Indian army indiscriminately fired on a truck, as a result of which 13 people were killed. The incident took place near the Myanmar border. On the […]

In India, Muslims Were Also Barred From Praying This Friday

Haryana: In The Indian State Of Haryana, Fanatical Hindus Stopped Muslims From Friday Prayers And Chanted Slogans Of J. Shri Ram. According to Indian media, like the previous Fridays, this time too, despite the presence of police, extremist Hindus in Garh village of Haryana prevented Muslims from offering Friday prayers in the open field. The […]

Indian Deer Reached Lahore From India

Indian Deer Reached Lahore From India. According to the report, District Officer Wildlife Tanveer Janjua along with the team has taken the deer into safe custody, after which the sambar deer was shifted to Safari Park Lahore. The deer entered Pakistan via Wagah. Three years ago, a langur crossed the border from India to the […]

Report Of Two Cases Of Omicron In India

Two Cases Of The New Strain Of Corona Virus, Omecron, Have Been Reported In India. According to Indian media reports, both the cases have come to light in the Indian state of Karnataka while the affected patients have been quarantined. According to the report, Indian Health Department officials said that the condition of both the […]

Two Elephants Killed In India Train Crash

New Delhi: Two Elephants Walking On The Tracks In India Were Killed In A Train Collision. According to Indian media, while walking in the state of Assam, two elephants came on the tracks of the train and did not even notice the continuous ringing of the train horn as a result of which both the […]

Indian Terrorism Continues In Occupied Kashmir, 2 More Kashmiri Martyrs

Occupied Kashmir Could Not Be Stopped By The Indian Army, The State Terrorism Of The Indian Army In Kashmir Continues. According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian Army martyred 2 Kashmiris in Pulwama district. Kashmiris were targeted during so-called search operation in Qasba Yar. The Indian Army is still conducting a search operation in the area. […]

The Guests Did Not Leave Food Even After The Fire Broke Out

Indian Citizens Set A New Example Of Bravery, Wedding Guests Did Not Stop Eating Even After A Dangerous Fire Broke Out In The Tent. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, a fire broke out in a tent during a wedding ceremony, causing chaos for two hundred people. The video also went viral on social media. […]

India Will Become The World’s Largest Country By 2020

According To A Recent Survey By The Indian Government, Despite The Low Birth Rate, India Will Overtake China To Become The World’s Largest Country By Population In The 2020s. According to the Indian National Family Health Survey, between 2019 and 2021, the birth rate has dropped from 2.1 to 2. Poonam Matreja, executive director of […]

In India, A Riot Broke Out In A Crowded Church

New Delhi: An Angry Mob In India Stormed A Church And Vandalized It, Causing Damage To The Church Building And Injuring One Person. According to Indian media, the newly established church on Matiala Road was attacked by angry people when a prayer service was being held there for the first time. Fighting ensued between the […]

India: Now The Royal Mosque Of Mathura Is Also A Target Of Extremists

In India, Hindu Extremist Groups Have Decided To Convert Another Historic Muslim Mosque Into A Temple, Announcing The Placement Of A Statue Of Lord Krishna In The Royal Mosque In Uttar Pradesh, Prompting Authorities To Impose Section 14 On The Entire Region. Hindu organizations have announced to place an idol on December 6 in a […]