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The Woman Chased Away The Attacking Leopard

In India, A Brave Woman Beat The Attacking Leopard With Her Stick And Forced It To Flee. According to Indian media, a 55-year-old woman was sitting outside in Maharashtra at night when suddenly a bloodthirsty leopard attacked her from behind. The woman retaliated against the leopard with a stick lying next to her, during which […]

Trying To Fly Instead Of Flying, The Plane Got Stuck Under The Bridge

New Delhi: In India, A Plane Got Stuck Under A Bridge, Which Also Affected The Flow Of Traffic. You may have seen planes flying in the air, but citizens in India were shocked when they saw a plane running on the road. According to Indian media, the Indian plane, which was being transported by road, […]

Farmers Once Again Shut Down The Whole Of India

One year after the completion of the peasant movement, Indian farmers have once again shut down the entire country. All India government and private institutions and offices will remain closed from 6 am to 4 pm. The Punjab Chief Minister has also expressed support for the Bharat Bandh. The Modi government has placed the police […]

India Refuses To Vaccinate Pakistani Woman

The Pakistani Woman, Who Has Been Living In India For Seven Years, Refused To Be Vaccinated, Saying, “You Are Pakistani And You Cannot Be Vaccinated.” According to the report of India Today, the doctors refused to vaccinate the woman who went to India after marrying Pakistan. The woman Sehar Qaiser said that government hospitals and […]

India Has Sent A Large Consignment Of Arms To Afghanistan To Fight The Taliban

Islamabad: India Has Provided A Large Consignment Of Arms To The Afghan Government To Fight The Taliban. Pictures Of Handing Over Arms To The Afghan Government Have Surfaced. According to the news, India has provided a large consignment of arms to the Afghan government which will enable the Afghan government to take action against the […]

4 More Kashmiri Youths Martyred In Indian Army Firing In Occupied Kashmir

Srinagar: 4 More Kashmiri Youths Were Martyred In The Firing Of The Occupying Forces In The Occupied Valley. According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian Army martyred 4 more Kashmiri youths by firing during fresh operations of state terrorism in the occupied valley. While doing so, they broke into houses and martyred the youth by firing. […]

Indian Citizens Began To Lose Their Sight

New Delhi: People In India Are Losing Their Sight Due To A Disease Called Black Fungus. According to the foreign news agency, after recovering from Corona, the Indian citizen started suffering from a contagious disease called black fungus due to which the affected people are losing their sight. According to the report, more than 40,000 […]

Echo Of Johi Chawla And ‘whose Name Is Gori On Red Lips’ In The Court

An Interesting Situation Arose In The Delhi High Court When Bollywood Actress Johi Chawla’s Film Songs Were Heard During The Hearing On The Fiveg Technology Issue. According to the BBC, the request was met with a virtual hearing yesterday due to the Corona epidemic and Johi Chawla shared the link on his Instagram. But during […]

A Cylinder Blast In India Has Killed Eight People When The Roofs Of Houses Collapsed

Uttar Pradesh: Eight People Were Killed And Several Others Injured When The Roof Of Two Houses Collapsed Due To A Cylinder Explosion In The State Of Uttar Pradesh. According to Indian media, a cylinder blast in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district caused two houses to collapse, leaving 15 people buried under the rubble. Moved while 8 […]

Indian Government Should Respect Freedom Of Expression, Twitter Administration

California: Microblogging Site Twitter Has Called The Attack On Its Office In India Against Freedom Of Expression And Called On The Indian Government To Respect Freedom Of Expression. The waiter management says it faces security concerns in India. His office in New Delhi was raided by a heavy contingent of police last Tuesday, but there […]