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Instagram Started Testing Long Videos

San Francisco: Until Now, We Could Only Watch Videos Up To A Few (15) Seconds In Instagram Stories, But After The Announcement A Month Ago, Now 60 Seconds (One Minute) Of Video Can Be Posted On Instagram. You Can Also Show It Live If You Wish. This way long videos will no longer need to […]

Introducing 2 Features Similar To Tik Tok In Instagram Reels

Instagram Recently Introduced Short Videos Called Feature Rails To Attract Tik Tok Users. Now 2 new features are being added for Instagram Reels which are already very popular in Tik Tok. The photo-sharing app, owned by Meta (Facebook’s new name), hopes that those who are reluctant to use Rails due to the unavailability of these […]

Instagram Wants To Keep Its Users Away From ‘themselves’ For A While

Instagram Users, A Photo-sharing App Owned By Meta (Facebook’s New Name), Seem To Be Spending So Much Time On It That They Now Want People To Give Up Social Media For A While. That’s why Instagram is testing a new feature, Tech A Break. This was stated by Instagram CEO Adam Museri on November 10. […]

Introducing Link Stickers Feature In Instagram

Instagram Has Introduced The Option Of Link Stickers Instead Of Swipe Up Links In The Story. Testing of these stickers began in June and was introduced in August for accounts with verified accounts. But now all Instagram users will be able to add hyperlinks in the form of stickers to stories. According to the company […]

Instagram’s Decision To Notify Its Users About The Closure Of Its Service

A Few Days Ago, Millions Of Internet Users Around The World Turned To Twitter And Complained That Facebook Services, Including Instagram And Whatsapp, Were Not Working. Now, in view of the innumerable stories and complaints of people about this glitch in Facebook services, the social media network has decided that it will inform you about […]

New Technical Glitch Instagram Feature

Users Face Many Difficulties After Instagram Goes Down, So A New Feature Is Being Tested On Instagram. This feature will be able to notify users in a timely manner in case of any technical glitch or shutdown. Which was announced by Instagram itself. An announcement from Instagram states that a new feature is being tested […]

Whatsapp Closed, Twitter Happy, Millions Of Nuggets Ordered From McDonald’s

WhatsApp Closed, Facebook Closed, Everyone Made Twitter Their Friend, Twitter Also Welcomed All Its Users Happily And Also Tweeted Hello. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram reported the downing of their services via Twitter and apologized to users. The most interesting reaction was given by Twitter, tweeted from the Twitter handle “Hello Every One” This tweet was […]

Affected Social Media Services Including Whatsapp, Facebook All Over The World Including Pakistan

The Services Of Major Social Media Websites Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram And Messenger Have Been Affected In Most Parts Of The World, Including Pakistan. According to the Daily Mail, the issue started at 8:44 pm Pakistani time, after which users around the world are facing difficulties in accessing these web social media platforms. In addition to […]

Further Progress Towards Integrating Facebook’s Instagram And Messenger

Facebook Has Made Another Significant Step Towards Integrating Chat Systems Into Instagram And Messenger. Last year, the company introduced cross-messaging in Messenger and Instagram, and now features a cross-app group chat feature. This means that it will now be possible to have group chats with Messenger and Instagram contacts. Messenger style polls can also be […]

Instagram Announces Halt To Kids’ Version Of App

Instagram Is A Very Popular Photo Sharing App Among Young People, Owned By Facebook. But a report in the Wall Street Journal in mid-September 2021 claimed that Facebook’s own research had found that Instagram could have a negative effect on young people’s mental health. The report said that internal research under Facebook lasted for 3 […]