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Instagram Is Harmful For Young Girls

An internal research by Facebook on Instagram has revealed that the social networking site is having a detrimental effect on teenagers, especially young girls. According to a report in the American magazine Wall Street Journal, a three-year study by Facebook researchers has found that the psychology of a large number of Instagram’s teenage users is […]

Instagram Down, Users Have Trouble Using It

The Video And Photo Sharing App Instagram Has Gone Down In Many Countries Around The World, Making It Difficult For Users To Use It. According to a report by the British broadcaster Daily Mail, a website called Down Detector has revealed that so far on Thursday, more than 6,000 Instagram users have reported problems in […]

Instagram Asks Users To Tell Birth Date

Instagram Has Made A New Change To Its Policy, Requiring Users To Enter Their Date Of Birth In The App. Users who do not share their date of birth despite repeated reminders will not be able to use this photo sharing service. The Facebook-owned company said the feature would help improve user protection and allow […]

Instagram’s Swipe-up Feature Decided To Retire

The Link Swipe-up Feature With Instagram Stories Is Now Retiring. This feature allows users to visit the website with the link in the story. But from August 30, instead of swipe up links, link stickers will now be used for this purpose. According to The Verge, Instagram has confirmed that tabable stickers will now be […]