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Biden Called For A Report On How The Corona Virus Came To Be

Washington – US President Joe Biden Has Ordered Intelligence Agencies To Investigate The Existence Of The Corona Virus. According to US media, a report by intelligence agencies came to light which said that several researchers were admitted to the hospital in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019 after falling ill. Biden has come under […]

Bad Weather Kills 21 Marathons In China

BEIJING: Bad Weather In China Has Killed At Least 21 People In A Race. According to a foreign news agency, 21 people who took part in a marathon in a mountainous area in China’s Gansu Province lost their lives due to bad weather. There were 172 people in the marathon that suddenly the weather became […]

Why Is A Russian Military Base At The Arctic A Concern For The United States?

A Russian Air Force Cargo Plane Took Us To The Roof Of The World, A Peninsula That Was Once Famous For Its Rare Birds And (Valeros) River Lions. Russia now has a military base on Franz Joseph’s territory, a new addition to its long list of conflicts with the West. The United States has once […]

Anti-Putin Alexei Navalny’s Doctor Goes Missing In Siberian Jungle.

Anti-Putin Alexei Navalny's Doctor Goes Missing In Siberian Jungle.

The Head Of A Hospital Treating Alexei Navalny, An Anti-Government Social Worker In Russia, Has Been Missing For Three Days In A Siberian Forest. This area of ​​the Omsk region is very swampy and difficult to reach, but helicopters and drones are being used for this search operation. Dr. Alexander Morakhavsky, 49, was out hunting […]

Putin Warns West Not To Interfere In Russia’s Affairs.

  In His Address To Thousands Of Participants From The Political, Economic, And Cultural Spheres, President Vladimir Putin Spoke Openly On Foreign Affairs And World Politics. He Said That Nowadays Harassment Against Russia Has Become A Habit. “In Recent Times, Some Countries, Where They Have Had The Opportunity, Have Made It A Bad Habit To […]