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Corona Epidemic Turkey Has Imposed Travel Bans On Six Countries, Including India

Ankara: Turkey Has Banned Flights To Six Countries, Including India, To Prevent The Spread Of A New Variant Of The Corona Virus, Delta. According to the World News Agency, Turkey has announced that it will end the Corona lockdown from July 1 due to a significant reduction in the number of new cases in the […]

India Blames Pakistan For Kashmir Blasts

The Indian Government And Army Have Blamed Pakistan For The Drone Strike In Occupied Kashmir. The Indian media, while spreading propaganda against Pakistan, reported that Pakistan was involved in the drone strike in occupied Kashmir, while the Indian government and army did not provide any evidence to Pakistan. India has alleged that an attempt was […]

Indian Variant Locks Down In Bangladesh, Thousands Trapped

Large Numbers Of People Are Trapped In The Capital Dhaka Even Before The Implementation Of The Announced Lockdown To Curb The Rising Cases Of Corona Virus In Bangladesh. According to Bangladeshi media, the Bangladeshi government has announced a nationwide lockdown from July 1 due to the rise in corona virus cases in the country, but […]

The Failed US In Afghanistan Has Given Nothing But Shame And Destruction, Hamid Karzai

Kabul: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai Has Said That The United States Has Not Been Able To Achieve Its Goals Despite Being Here With Full Force For 20 Years And Is Returning Unsuccessfully. In an interview with the Associated Press, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai openly expressed his concerns over the withdrawal of US troops […]

Egypt: 5 Tik Tokers Jailed For Spreading Obscenity, Human Trafficking

A Court In The Middle Eastern Country Of Egypt Has Sentenced A Total Of Five Tuck Tuckers, Including Two Prominent Female Tuck Tuckers, To Life In Prison In A Criminal Case On Charges Of Spreading Obscenity And Human Trafficking. A Cairo court has sentenced three other women, including young Tuck Tucker Haneen Hassam and Mowaza […]

Recommendation To End Business Closures During Prayer Hours In Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: In Saudi Arabia, Members Of The Shura Have Recommended Lifting The Ban On Closing Business Centers During Prayer Times, Which Will Be Voted On Today. According to Saudi media, Shura members Ata al-Thabiti, Dr. Faisal al-Fadhil, Dr. Latifa al-Shaalan and Dr. Latifa al-Abd al-Karim have recommended lifting the ban on closing business centers during […]

Saudi Arabia Announces Easing Of Restrictions On Mosques

The Saudi Government Has Announced A Easing Of Restrictions On Mosques Across The Country Following A Drop In Coronation Cases. According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs has issued special instructions for mosques, stating that the normal interval between adhan and iqamah is being restored while SOPs in mosques should be […]

Iran’s Nuclear Plant Abruptly Shut Down

Tehran: Iran’s Only Nuclear Power Plant Was Abruptly Shut Down. According to a foreign news agency, the Bushehr plant was shut down yesterday and will remain closed for the next three to four days, but the reason for the shutdown could not be ascertained. An official with Iran’s state-owned electricity company said the power plant’s […]

In India, Police Constables Used To Send Sale To His Duty By Giving Police Training

New Delhi: Police Constable Anil Kumar, Stationed In The Muradabad Area Of The Indian State Of Uttar Pradesh, Used To Send His Brother-in-law To His Home After Giving Police Training At Home. According to Indian media, Muradabad police officials have told the media that an unidentified person against Constable Anil Kumar informed the police that […]

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani And Abdullah Abdullah’s Visit To The United States: President Joe Biden Will Meet

Washington: US President Joe Biden Will Meet With His Afghan Counterpart Ashraf Ghani And The Chairman Of Afghanistan’s High Reconciliation Council, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, At The White House On June 25. This Was Stated In A Statement Issued By The White House. According to the International News Agency, the meeting is taking place at a […]