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The United States Has Spent 14 Trillion Dollars On Wars In 20 Years, Much To The Benefit Of Contractors, The Report Said

Washington – The Us Military Has Spent 14 Trillion Dollars During The Two-decade-long War In Afghanistan And The Middle East, Enriching Arms Manufacturers, Dealers And Contractors. According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon’s spending has risen to 1.4  trillion since September 11, 2001, with outsourcing of resources available to the […]

India Suspends Foreign Funding For Mother Teresa Charity

Extremism In India Has Also Engulfed The Christian Community Along With Muslims, With The Indian Government Refusing To Renew The Foreign Funding License For A Charity Set Up By Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa’s Missionary of Charity employs thousands of workers (nuns) who oversee projects such as homes, schools, clinics and hospices for homeless children. On […]

US National Security Act 2022: Pakistan Is Not Included In Taliban Occupation Of Kabul

The US House Of Representatives Has Removed All Negative References To Pakistan’s Role In Controlling The Taliban In Kabul. Under the US National Security Act 2022, the US Secretary of Defense had to confirm before a congressional committee that providing support to Pakistan was necessary in the interests of US national security. However, the word […]

Corona: The First Death In The UK From Omekron

London: A Patient Infected With A New Strain Of The Corona Virus, Known As The Global Epidemic, Has Died In Britain. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed to the media that the first death from Omekron in Britain has taken place, ABP Live quoted him as saying. According to international media, the number of […]

Indian Terrorism Continues In Occupied Kashmir, 2 More Kashmiri Martyrs

Occupied Kashmir Could Not Be Stopped By The Indian Army, The State Terrorism Of The Indian Army In Kashmir Continues. According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian Army martyred 2 Kashmiris in Pulwama district. Kashmiris were targeted during so-called search operation in Qasba Yar. The Indian Army is still conducting a search operation in the area. […]

Protest Against Water Distribution Formula In Iran

Tehran: Thousands Of People Protested Against The Government’s Formula For Water Distribution In Iran. According to foreign media, thousands of people in the Iranian city of Isfahan protested against the government’s water management policy. Thousands of people gathered on the river, which was drying up due to water scarcity, and demanded that the government withdraw […]

Corona: Saudi Arabia Imposed Travel Bans On Seven Countries

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia Has Banned Air Travel To Several Countries Following The Emergence Of A New Strain Of The Corona Virus, Which Has Been Declared A Global Epidemic. It should be noted that after the emergence of a new and more dangerous strain of Corona virus, many Western countries, including Bahrain, Britain and Germany, have […]

Developed Country Where 1.3 Million Children Are Living In Poverty

There Is Also A Developed Country In The World Where More Than 1.3 Million Children Are Forced To Live In Poverty. According to a foreign news agency, an annual report released by Campaign 2000 revealed that more than 1.3 million children in Canada are living in poverty and their parents are not giving their children […]

Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister Resigns

Sweden’s First Female Prime Minister-elect, Magdalena Anderson, Has Resigned. The Swedish prime minister has resigned over the split in the coalition. The Swedish Parliament voted in favor of the budget prepared by the opposition instead of the government. The opposition includes far-right anti-immigrant parties. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said she will seek re-election […]

Houthis Claim Drone Strikes On Oil And Military Installations In Saudi Arabia

Sanaa: Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Have Claimed To Have Dropped 14 Drones In A Row On Several Cities, Including Saudi Military Bases And Oil Installations. Houthi rebel spokesman Yahya Saria told a news conference that Aramco’s refineries in Jeddah, as well as military targets in Riyadh, Jeddah, Abha, Jizan and Najran, had been attacked, according to […]