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Cyber Attack On Iran’s Railway System

Iran’s Railway System Has Been Hit By A Cyber-attack, According To A Report By The Semi-official News Agency. A State Of Chaos Ensued. According to a report by the foreign news agency AP, the hackers posted a message on the board that the train was delayed or canceled due to a cyber attack. He gave […]

Deputy Prime Minister Of The United Arab Emirates And The Iranian Ambassador Meet To Discuss Enhancing ‘cooperation’

Improving Bilateral Relations Were Discussed During A Meeting Between UAE And Iranian Officials In Abu Dhabi. According to a report by the AFP news agency, the meeting between the two countries indicates a possible improvement in relations between Iran and the Gulf countries. According to the UAE’s official news agency, UAE Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh […]

Whenever And Where Necessary, Iran Will Be Targeted, Says Israeli Defense Minister

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gentz Has Said That Israel Will Take Action Whenever And Where Necessary To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons. According to the Times of Israel, the statement came as Iran stopped an Israeli cargo ship a few days ago as a possible response to an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility […]

The Arrival Of Refugees Could Pose A Serious Threat, The Prime Minister Told The Iranian President

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan Has Warned That The Influx Of Refugees Could Pose A Serious Threat To Pakistan And Iran. According to the news, he said this in a telephone conversation with the newly elected President of Iran Syed Ibrahim Raeisi. A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the telephone conversation between the […]

UN Secretary-general Calls On Us To Lift Sanctions On Iran

New York: UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon Has Called On The United States To Lift Sanctions On Iran. According to a foreign news agency, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on the United States to lift sanctions on Iran after halting work on its nuclear program. He said the 15-member UN Council would consider implementing […]

We Will Not Allow Iran To Develop Nuclear Weapons, Us President

Washington: US President Joe Biden Has Assured Israel That He Will Never Allow Iran To Develop Nuclear Weapons. According to the foreign news agency, Israeli President Raven Revlin met with the US President in the White House in which issues of mutual interest were discussed and especially Middle East issues were discussed. The Israeli president […]

Israel’s New Foreign Minister Expresses Concern Over Iran

Rome: Israel’s New Foreign Minister Has Expressed Concern Over Us Diplomacy With Iran, But At The Same Time Vowed Not To Adopt A Confrontational Tone In The New Government’s First High-level Talks With A Close Ally Of The Jewish State. Also Did According to the report, Israeli Foreign Minister Yar Lippid arrived in Rome to […]

US Agrees To Lift 1,040 Sanctions On Iran?

Tehran: The United States Has Agreed To Lift 1,040 Sanctions Imposed On Iran Under Former President Donald Trump. According to Israel’s leading English newspaper The Times of Israel and international news agencies, this was claimed by Mahmoud Weizi, the chief of staff of former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in an informal conversation with the media […]

Plan To Sabotage Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency Fails

Iran Failed A Sabotage Attack On A Building Of The Country’s Atomic Energy Agency And Caused No Casualties Or Damage. According to the AFP news agency, Iran’s state broadcaster said that a plot to sabotage a building of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization was foiled on Wednesday morning and that no one was killed or […]

The United States Has Confiscated Iran’s Official News Websites

US Law Enforcement Has Seized The Websites Of Two Iranian And One Yemeni Channels. According to the foreign news agency, notices have been posted on all three websites on which it is written that they have been taken under control by the FBI and other agencies. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said in […]