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Iran: Oil Refinery Fire, Black Smoke Clouds Over The City

Tehran: An Oil Refinery Near The Iranian Capital Tehran Has Caught Fire, Causing Clouds Of Black Smoke To Appear In The City From Afar. Iran’s state broadcaster (Areeb) has reported by telegram that a fire has broken out at the Shahid Tongoyan refinery in the southern city of Tehran. Mansoor Darjati, director general of Tehran’s […]

The Largest Ship Of The Iranian Navy Sank In The Gulf Of Oman

The Iranian Navy’s Largest Ship Sank Completely After A Fire In The Gulf Of Oman, Sinking 1270 Kilometers Southeast Of Tehran. According to Iranian and international media, the largest logistics ship of the Iranian navy “Khark” sank completely on Wednesday, the cause of the fire in the ship is not yet known. According to the […]

David Barnia: New Head Of Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency For Whom Iran Is The Biggest Security Challenge

David Barnia, The New Head Of Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency, Has Been Sworn In. On This Occasion, He Said That Iran Is “At The Top” Of The Security Challenges Facing Israel. The new Mossad chief, David Barnia, 56, is said to be an expert in gathering agents against the Iranian and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. […]

Iran’s Presidential Election: Who Is The Strongest Candidate?

The Election Commission Has Approved The Nomination Papers Of Seven Presidential Candidates For The June Presidential Election In Iran, While Rejecting The Papers Of Dozens Of Others For Various Reasons. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), out of the seven candidates whose nomination papers have been accepted, five are in favor of hardline ideology. […]

Exhibition Of Locally Made Long Range Fighter Drone ‘GAZA’ In Iran

Iran Has Unveiled A 2,000-kilometer Locally-built Fighter Drone, Naming It “GAZA” To Pay Tribute To The Palestinian Struggle. According to a report by Reuters news agency, the state media said that the name of the drone was inspired by the Palestinian struggle and Gaza was named in his honor. The Revolutionary Guards said the new […]

Iran has publicly confirmed talks with its traditional rival, Saudi Arabia.

For the first time, Iran has publicly confirmed talks with its traditional rival, Saudi Arabia. According to Reuters, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatib zada told a weekly news conference that “reducing tensions between two Muslim countries in the Persian Gulf region is in the interest of both countries and the region as a whole.” […]