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CTD Operation In Quetta Kills 6 ISIS Terrorists

Quetta: At Least Six Suspected Terrorists Belonging To The Extremist ISIS (IS) Group Were Killed During An Operation By The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) In The Eastern Bypass Area. According to the report, a CTD spokesman said that a fierce exchange of fire took place during the intelligence-based operation on the report of presence of […]

5 Killed, 20 Wounded In ISIS Attack On Syrian Army Convoy

Damascus: In Syria, ISIS Fighters Destroyed A Bus In A Military Convoy In A Rocket Attack, As A Result Of Which 5 Soldiers Were Killed And 20 Wounded. According to the international news agency, ISIS fired rockets and dropped explosives on a military convoy in Syria. A Syrian army bus was completely destroyed in a […]

Announcing The End Of The Anti-ISIS Coalition’s Combat Mission In Iraq

Iraq’s Security Adviser Says US-led Coalition Forces In Iraq Have Ended A Mission Against The Extremist Group Isis And Will Now Play A Consultative Role In Training. According to the report, during the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazmi to Washington in July, US President Joe Biden announced for the first time that he […]

ISIS Bombing In Iraq Kills 5 Kurdish Soldiers

Baghdad: ISIS Fighters Ambushed A Bomb In The Kurdish Army In Iraq, Killing Five People And Wounding Several Others. ISIL has targeted Kurdish troops in Iraq’s autonomous state of Kurdistan, killing five soldiers and wounding more than four, according to the International News Agency. Kurdish soldiers are called Peshmarga, a spokesman for Peshmarga told the […]

ISIS Chief Amrullah Saleh’s Chief Security Guard Turns Out

The US Government Says The New Head Of Isis Since June 2020 Is Sanaullah Ghafari, Also Known As Shehab Mohajer. Sanaullah Ghaffari Has The Authority To Approve All Operations And Also To Finance The Extremist Organization. According to Afghan journalists, according to Shahab Mohajer’s identity card, he was a special guard of First Vice President […]

Taliban Operation Against ISIS In Southern Afghanistan

The Taliban Launched An Operation Against The Hideouts Of The Terrorist Organization Isis In Southern Afghanistan, As A Result Of Which 4 ISIS Fighters Were Killed And 10 Were Arrested. The Taliban have launched an operation against ISIS in southern Afghanistan in view of the growing incidence of terrorism in the country, according to a […]

Intensified ISIS Attacks, Kabul Conqueror Maulvi Hamdullah Was Also Killed

Maulvi Hamdullah Mukhlis, A Key Taliban Commander Known As Fateh Kabul, Was Also Killed In Tuesday’s Attack On The Main Military Hospital In Central Kabul. The Operation Killed 25 People, Including The Victorious Kabul, And Injured Several Others. Maulvi Hamdullah was the first senior Taliban military commander to enter the Afghan presidential palace on the […]

Afghan Intelligence And Military Personnel Join ISIS

Kabul: Since The Taliban Took Control Of Afghanistan And The Withdrawal Of US And Coalition Forces, Several Former Afghan Intelligence Officials Have Joined The Militant Group ISIS. News quoted the respected American newspaper The Wall Street Journal as saying that a former Afghan official had confirmed this. He said a former Afghan army officer had […]

ISIS Could Attack US In Next 6 Months: Colin Kohl

Washington: US Secretary Of Defense Colin Kohl Has Warned That Isis Could Acquire The Capability To Launch An Attack Against The United States In The Next Six Months. According to the World News Agency, while briefing the Congress, Colin Kohl, the US Secretary of Defense’s Under Secretary for Defense Policy, assured the members that neither […]

ISIS Network Will Be Eliminated, Zabihullah Mujahid

Kabul: Afghanistan’s Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid Has Said That The Isis Network Will Be Dismantled Soon. Afghanistan’s Deputy Information Minister Zabihullah Mujahid has said that 250 ISIS terrorists have been arrested in a month and most of the arrested terrorists had escaped from prisons. He said the Afghan government would soon dismantle the ISIS […]