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Iran Is Training Arab Fighters To Fly Drones, Israel

Tel Aviv: Israel Accuses Iran Of Training Middle East Fighters To Fly Drones. According to Al Jazeera, Israeli Defense Minister Beni Ghantis says that Tehran is training foreign fighters from Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to fly drones at the airport near the city of Isfahan. The Israeli defense minister’s allegation comes as Iran faces […]

The Plan To Attack Iran Is In Full Swing, Says Israeli Army Chief

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Army Chief Says Preparations For An Attack On Iran Are In Full Swing. Israeli Chief of General Staff Ovi Kohawi said in an interview that preparations for any possible action against Iran were accelerating and that the defense budget had been increased for the same purpose, a highly complex task for which […]

Iran To Develop Nuclear Weapons In Next Two Months, Says Israeli Defense Minister

Tel Aviv: Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz Has Claimed That Iran Will Develop A Nuclear Weapon In The Next Two Months. According to Israel’s leading newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli defense minister told a delegation of about 60 countries in the capital that Iran would receive the materials needed to develop nuclear weapons in […]

Let The World Powers Rein In Iran Or We Can Deal With It Alone, Israel

Tel Aviv: Israel Has Called On The World Powers To Stop Iran And Hezbollah From Terrorism, Otherwise We Will Have To Deal With It Ourselves. According to the international news agency, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gentz ​​has said that Iran and its security forces Hezbollah have become the biggest threat to peace in the Middle […]

Iranian Aggression Threatens Global Security: Israeli PM

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Says Iranian Aggression Is Becoming A Threat To World Security. On the social networking site Twitter, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that Iran has once again posed a threat to world peace, but that together we can fight Iranian aggression and that the more we stand together, […]

Israel Blames Iran For Attack On Oil Tanker

Israel Has Blamed Iran For Attacking An Oil Tanker Two Days Ago And Killing Two Crew Members. An oil tanker off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea was attacked on Thursday, killing people from Britain and Romania, according to foreign news agency AFP. The oil tanker “MV Mercer Street” was managed by London-based […]

Whenever And Where Necessary, Iran Will Be Targeted, Says Israeli Defense Minister

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gentz Has Said That Israel Will Take Action Whenever And Where Necessary To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons. According to the Times of Israel, the statement came as Iran stopped an Israeli cargo ship a few days ago as a possible response to an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility […]

Israel’s New Foreign Minister Expresses Concern Over Iran

Rome: Israel’s New Foreign Minister Has Expressed Concern Over Us Diplomacy With Iran, But At The Same Time Vowed Not To Adopt A Confrontational Tone In The New Government’s First High-level Talks With A Close Ally Of The Jewish State. Also Did According to the report, Israeli Foreign Minister Yar Lippid arrived in Rome to […]

Former Israeli Intelligence Chief ‘confesses’ To Attack On Iran’s Nuclear Assets

Dubai: Yossi Cohen, The Outgoing Head Of Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency, Has Indicated That Tel Aviv Was Behind Recent Attacks Targeting Iran’s Nuclear Program And A Military Scientist. According to the report, UC Cohen, while giving an interview to Israel’s Channel 12 program ‘Yowda’, hinted that other Iranian scientists could also be the target of […]