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Three Palestinians Were Martyred And One Was Wounded In The Firing Of Israeli Forces In The West Bank

Occupied Jerusalem: 3 Palestinians Were Martyred And One Wounded In The Firing Of Israeli Forces In The West Bank. According to Arab media, Israeli forces shot dead three Palestinians during a raid on the headquarters of the Palestinian Military Intelligence in the West Bank region of Jenin, while a young man was taken to hospital […]

Israeli Police Again Beat Worshipers At Al-aqsa Mosque, 6 Palestinians Arrested

GAZA: After The Ceasefire Between Israel And Palestine, The Israeli Police Once Again Tortured The Worshipers In The Premises Of Al-aqsa Mosque Along With The Jewish Settlers. According to the Palestinian news agency Wafa, on Sunday morning, dozens of Jewish settlers, accompanied by a large contingent of Israeli police, tortured Palestinian worshipers in the Al-Aqsa […]

Germany Expresses Solidarity With Israel Despite The Martyrdom Of 251 Palestinians

Tel Aviv: German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss Has Said He Is Here To Show Solidarity With Israel. According to Israeli media, the German Foreign Minister said that Israel has every right to defend itself against large-scale irreparable attacks. According to media reports, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss expressed solidarity with Israel and called for a […]

Israel Is Guilty Of Genocide Of Palestinians, Will Have To Pay The Price: Turkey

New York: Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu Has Said That Israel Is The Culprit Of The Palestinians. He Made It Clear That He Would Have To Pay The Price For His Crimes. According to the news Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu made the remarks while addressing the UN General Assembly. The Turkish Foreign Minister said […]

Doesn’t The Killing Of 227 Palestinians Mean Anything?

Washington: Senior Us Senator Bernie Sanders Has Questioned Whether The Deaths Of 227 Palestinians Make Sense. According to US media reports, Senator Bernie Sanders clarified that 64 Palestinians and 38 women were among the Palestinians killed. Senator Bernie Sanders, a senior senator who withdrew in favor of incumbent President Joe Biden in the US presidential […]

A Ceasefire Has Been Agreed Between Israel And Hamas

An Unconditional Ceasefire Agreement Was Reached Between Israel And Hamas 11 Days Later, Which Was Celebrated In Occupied Jerusalem, Occupied West Bank And Gaza. Egypt played the role of mediator in the agreement. A statement from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Security Council “unanimously accepted the recommendations to accept […]

Old Trafford Stadium: The Palestinian Flag Was Hoisted By Footballer Paul Pogba

London: Manchester United Footballer Paul Pogba Hoisted The Palestinian Flag At Old Trafford Stadium. The Video Of The Palestinian Flag Waving In The Stadium Has Gone Viral On Social Media. After the draw between Manchester United and Phil Ham, the hosts Paul Pogba and Emad Dello walked around the ground with the Palestinian flag in […]

UN Secretary-general Calls For Immediate Ceasefire With Palestine And Israel

New York: UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Has Expressed Concern Over Airstrikes In Palestine And Called For An Immediate Ceasefire Between The Two Countries. According to a foreign news agency, in his address to the UN General Assembly, Antonio Guterres said that he was “deeply saddened” by Israel’s continued air and ground bombardment of Gaza. […]

Israel And Palestine Show Patience, America

The US State Department Has Called On Both Sides To Show Restraint In The Face Of Growing Tensions Between Palestine And Israel. The killing of civilians must stop. He expressed concern over the situation in the Middle East. The State Department spokesman said Israel had a right to self-defense and to respond to rocket attacks, […]