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Israeli Bombings On Companies Supporting Pakistan’s Nuclear Program Revealed

Tel Aviv: A Report In A Swiss Newspaper Has Revealed That Israel May Have Had A Hand In The Bomb Attacks On Companies That Helped Pakistan Make The Atomic Bomb. According to a Swiss newspaper, in the 1980s, Mossad, Israel’s secret service, carried out possible bomb attacks on Swiss and German companies that helped Pakistan […]

313 Palestinian Martyrs At The Hands Of Israel In 2021

Jerusalem: In The Year 2021, Israel Martyred 313 Palestinians In A Demonstration Of Aggression. According to the Israeli human rights group Bethlehem, a large number of those killed by Israel are children, while the number of wounded is much higher than the 313 martyrs. The report said that 2021 was the deadliest year for Palestinians […]

Israeli Airstrikes On Hamas Strongholds In Gaza

Israel Has Once Again Launched Airstrikes On Hamas Strongholds In Southern Gaza, Justifying Rocket Fire From The Palestinian Territories. The Israeli military says fighter jets, helicopters and tanks have targeted rocket launchers and Hamas military posts. On the other hand, Palestinian sources said that the Israeli army targeted a place of Al-Qassam Brigades west of […]

Ceasefire Violation; Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza

Tel Aviv: Israeli Warplanes Bombed At Least Three Locations In Gaza, Setting Them On Fire And Destroying All Three Buildings. A spokesman for the Israeli military said Hamas had targeted a rocket factory, a military checkpoint and a training center in Gaza, according to the International News Agency. The Israeli military spokesman added that the […]

Palestinian Journalists Protest Against Facebook For Removing Content Related To Israeli Atrocities

Jerusalem: Palestinian journalists protested against the removal of Facebook’s content on Israeli atrocities from social media platforms and against bias. According to the International News Agency, a large number of Palestinian journalists protested against Facebook’s bias and its soft stance towards Israel. Demonstrators say Facebook removes our authentic news and videos exposing Israeli atrocities. This […]

Israeli Missile Strikes On Syrian Port

Damascus: Israel Fired Several Missiles At The Syrian Port Of Latakia, Causing Extensive Damage To Property But Fortunately No Casualties. According to the international news agency, Israel fired several missiles at the main Syrian port of Latakia for the second time this month, destroying containers in the port and causing severe damage to hospitals, residential […]

Even If No Other Country Is Ready, They Will Attack Iran Alone, Israel

Tel Aviv: Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lipid Has Warned That Even If Friendly Countries Do Not Agree, We Will Attack Iran Alone. According to the international news agency, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lipid has said that our first priority is to attack Iran together with the world powers, but if necessary, they are ready to […]

Iran Fires 16 Ballistic Missiles At Military Exercises, Threatens Israel With Dire Consequences

Tehran: Iran Has Fired Several Ballistic Missiles At The End Of A Five-day Military Exercise, Which Military Generals Say Is A Warning To Israel. Maj. Gen. Mohammad Baqeri, chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, told state television that the exercises were designed to respond to recent threats from the Zionist regime. He said that […]

If Sanctions Are Lifted, Iran Will Build A Weapon To Harm Israel, Naftali Said

Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Has Accused Iran Of Pursuing Nuclear Blackmail, Saying That If Sanctions Were Lifted, It Would Use The Money To Build Weapons To Harm Israel. According to a report released by the Gulf News Agency’s Al-Arabiya news agency, the statement by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett came at a […]

Israeli Authorities Issue License To Massacre Palestinians?

Tel Aviv: With The Permission Of The Israeli Government, The Military Leadership Has Allowed Its Troops To Open Fire On Stone-throwing Protesters. The Palestinians are outraged by the Israeli authorities’ permission, drawing the attention of the international community to the question of whether a license has been issued to massacre Palestinians. The Israeli newspaper quoted […]