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Israeli Forces Fire On Palestinians During Protests In The West Bank

One Palestinian Was Killed And Several Others Were Injured When Israeli Forces Opened Fire On Protesters In The West Bank. According to the Reuters news agency, the incident took place in the south of the Palestinian city of Nablus, where Palestinians have protested against the Israeli settlements several times in recent times. The Israeli military […]

Heavy Bombing Of Gaza For The Third Time Despite Ceasefire By Israeli Planes

Gaza: Israeli Warplanes Pounded The Gaza Strip For The Third Time Since The Ceasefire, Claiming To Have Destroyed Hamas Weapons And Training Centers. According to the international news agency, despite the ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and Hamas, Israeli planes bombed a building and a compound in the Gaza Strip for the third time. An […]

Pakistan Is Not Conducting Joint Military Exercises With Israel

A Foreign Office Spokesman Denied Reports Circulating In The Media That Pakistan Was Not Conducting Any Joint Military Exercises With Israel. Rather, Pakistan Will Participate In It As An Observer. In a weekly press briefing on Thursday, Foreign Office spokesman Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry in his response to the Pak-Israel joint military exercises said that Pakistan […]

Isaac Herzog Was Elected The 11th President Of Israel

Razzog Polled 87 Votes In The 120-member Parliament, While His Rival Perez Won 27 Votes, Making Ishaq Herzog The 11th President Of The Country. Israel’s parliamentarians have rallied to elect a new president following the expiration of President Revan Rivlin’s presidency. During a parliamentary vote, former Labor leader Isaac Herzog and the Occupied Gaza Strip […]