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Gone Are The Days Of War, Now Is The Time Of Diplomacy, Joe Biden

Washington: US President Joe Biden Has Said That The Era Of War Is Over And Now Is The Era Of Diplomacy. Addressing the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden said the end of the war in Afghanistan had ushered in a new era of diplomacy. The US president called on the Taliban for comprehensive […]

Misinformation About Corona Is Being Spread On Social Media, Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden Has Said That Social Media Is Giving False Information About The Global Corona Virus. A statement from the White House said, “Biden has said that he is killing people who have given false information. The US president said that Facebook needs to improve its behavior. White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie […]

Joe Biden Is Also Following Trump’s Policy On Arab-israeli Relations

US President Joe Biden And Other Members Of His Democratic Party Are Pushing For The So-called “Abrahamic Agreement” Of Former President Donald Trump As Part Of Their Policy. US President Joe Biden and other members of his Democratic Party are pushing for former President Donald Trump’s alleged “Abrahamic deal” as part of their policy. President […]

President Joe Biden Has Signed A Bill Against Hate And Violence Against Asians

Washington: Us President Joe Biden Has Signed Into Law A Law Banning Racially Motivated Hate Crimes Against Asians And Pacific Islanders In The United States. According to the World News Agency, US President Joe Biden has signed into law the Prevention of Ethnic Crimes Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, which was passed by a […]

Rejecting Turkey’s Opposition, The US President Acknowledged The Armenian “Genocide.”

US President Joe Biden Has Called The Alleged Massacre Of 1,915 Armenians By Ottoman Forces Genocide. According To Foreign News Agencies, Joe Biden Is The First Us President To Use The Word Genocide In A Traditional Anniversary Statement. Earlier In The Day, He Told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan That The Move Was Aimed At […]

Organized Racism Is A Stain On The American Nation, Says US President.

(Washington) There Is A Need To Combat Racial Discrimination In Policing And The Criminal Justice System, The Statement Said. US President Joseph Biden Has Said That Organized Racism Is A Stain On The American Nation. The Decision In The George Floyd Murder Case Is A Step Towards Change. According To A Foreign News Agency, US […]