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Russia Unites Against Military Action In Ukraine, NATO

Brussels: NATO Foreign Ministers Say They Are United Against Any Possible Russian Military Action In Ukraine And That Many Of The Kremlin’s Security Demands Are Unacceptable. According to foreign news agency Reuters, 30 ministers made a video call before the US-Russia talks in Geneva. This will be followed by a NATO-Russia summit in Brussels and […]

Russia Threatens To Attack NATO Military Installations Near Border

Moscow: President Vladimir Putin Said At A Meeting Of The Russian Defense Ministry That Russia Would Not Hesitate To Take Military Action If Western Nations Did Not Abandon Their Aggressive Stance Against Russia. According to the international news agency Bloomberg, Vladimir Putin said that NATO is installing military installations in Ukraine, due to which the […]

Norway Can See Its Own Border Affairs, NATO Should Not Interfere

Norwegian Foreign Minister Aniken Hatfield Has Said It Is In Norway’s Best Interest To Use Its Armed Forces To Take Care Of Its Own Northern Areas. The Norwegian Labor Party, which came to power earlier this year, wants allied planes and planes to keep some distance from the border areas near Russia. Asked directly if […]

Taliban Occupation Of Afghanistan, NATO Supply Transporters Worried

Owners And Transporters Of Oil Tankers Attached To NATO Supplies Have Been In Trouble Since The Taliban Took Over Afghanistan And The Withdrawal Of Coalition Forces, Including The United States. Jalil, who works as a secretary with a major contractor, was asked what would happen to transporters involved in NATO supplies after the withdrawal of […]

Afghanistan Will Never Be Forgotten, NATO Chief Admits

Brussels: Nato Chief Stoltenberg Has Said That Afghanistan Will Never Be Forgotten. He Said That Nato Stopped Terrorism By Staying There. He Claimed That Terrorist Attacks In Other Countries Have Also Been Stopped. France 24 and the Times of Israel quoted the international news agency as saying that after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, […]

NATO Diplomat Calls On Taliban To Investigate ISIS

NATO diplomat calls on Afghan Taliban to investigate ISIS after Kabul blast The NATO diplomat said the Taliban had allowed thousands of prisoners, including members of ISIS, to leave Kabul after gaining control of Kabul. The NATO diplomat said security was the Taliban’s responsibility after taking control of Afghanistan. The goal of foreign forces is […]

The United States And NATO Have Sought Pakistan’s Help In Withdrawing From Afghanistan

Islamabad: The United States And Allied (NATO) Forces Have Sought Pakistan’s Help In Completing The Withdrawal From Afghanistan. Local media quoted responsible sources as saying that those who helped the US and coalition forces during the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan would be brought to Karachi on Pakistani visas in the first phase of […]