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Those Who Look Down On China Will Hit The Steel Wall, Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping Has Warned That China Will Not Intimidate Anyone And Will Not Oppress Any Other Country. Those Who Look Down On China Will Hit A Huge Steel Wall. “We will not allow anyone to bully, oppress or subjugate China,” he said while addressing the centenary celebrations of the founding of the Communist […]

Is China A Friend, A Rival, Or Both?

The Western World Is Facing Competition, Especially With China. But Areas Such As Climate Change And Disarmament Need Cooperation. The Munich Security Report Seeks To Strike A Healthy Balance. The Munich Security Report has been released at the right time. Appropriate because US President Joe Biden is about to embark on a European tour. US […]

“Torture Of Chinese Debt” Is Another Western Lie, Analysts Say

Hong Kong: Leading Journalist And Analyst David Dudwell Says The Intensity Of “Debt-ridden Diplomacy” About China In The West Today Is Just Western Propaganda And Wailing. In a recent article published in the South China Morning Post, he openly criticized Western-style politics for influencing facts with the help of false propaganda. He writes that one […]

In China, A Young Man Carrying A Knife Attacked Passersby, Killing 6 And Injuring 14

Beijing: A Young Man Carrying A Knife Stabbed Passers-by In A Chinese Market, Killing Six And Injuring 14. A 25-year-old man stabbed shoppers and passersby in a market in Anqing City, Anhui Province, China, according to the International News Agency. Six people were killed and 14 others were injured in the attack. Police arrested the […]

Pro-democracy Activist Arrested In Hong Kong On Anniversary Of Tiananmen Crackdown In China

Authorities Banned The Annual Tiananmen Square Crackdown In Memory Of The Victims. Police Arrested Pro-democracy Activist Zhou Hong On Charges Of Violating It. Police in Hong Kong arrested pro-democracy activist and prominent lawyer Zhou Hong on Friday morning, June 4, according to local media reports. According to Zhou’s colleagues and media reports, she was arrested […]

Tiananmen Square: How Many Protesters Were Killed 30 Years Ago In Beijing, China?

Exactly 32 Years Ago Today, Beijing’s Tiananmen Square Was The Center Of Large-scale Protests. These Demonstrations Were Forcibly Crushed By The Communist Rulers Of China. During the demonstrations, a highly controversial 20th-century image emerged of a lone protester standing in front of rows of military tanks. Why did these demonstrations start? In the 1980s, China […]

In China, A Couple Is Allowed To Have 3 Children

Beijing: China Has Lifted A Ban On Giving Birth To More Than Two Children Per Couple, Allowing Three Children. According to the World News Agency, the birth rate per couple has been changed due to a significant drop in the birth rate during the recent census in China. Under the new policy, the couple can […]

Covide 19: Why Is The Idea Of Corona Virus Coming Out Of The Chinese Lab Gaining Popularity Again?

Since The First Discovery Of Cod In Wuhan, China, A Year And A Half Ago, The Final Answer To The Question Of How The Coronavirus-initiated Disease Began Has Not Yet Been Found. But in recent weeks, the claim that the corona virus came from a Chinese lab is being taken seriously again. Experts have so […]

Bad Weather Kills 21 Marathons In China

BEIJING: Bad Weather In China Has Killed At Least 21 People In A Race. According to a foreign news agency, 21 people who took part in a marathon in a mountainous area in China’s Gansu Province lost their lives due to bad weather. There were 172 people in the marathon that suddenly the weather became […]

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes China

A Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake Has Shaken Southeastern China. One person was reported killed in the quake, according to a foreign news agency. According to the report, the truck driver was killed when a landslide fell from the mountain due to the earthquake. Locals told the media that the quake had severely damaged buildings in several […]