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A Small Plane Crashed On The Road In Germany, Killing 2 People

Frankfurt: A Small Passenger Plane With An Engine Crashed On A Highway In Germany, Killing Two People. According to the International News Agency, in Frankfurt, Germany, a small plane with an engine hesitated, first hit a tree and then crashed on the road. Fortunately, no vehicles were passing by when the plane crashed on the […]

Germany Will Receive Twelve Hundred Euros A Month For Being Free

This Sounds Like An Interesting Offer. Certain People Will Be Paid 1,200 Euros A Month For Three Years And In Return They Will Have To Explain How They Are Living On Their Unconditional Income And What Conditions They Are Facing. More and more people have participated in the experiment, and in just one week, about […]

Germany Expresses Solidarity With Israel Despite The Martyrdom Of 251 Palestinians

Tel Aviv: German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss Has Said He Is Here To Show Solidarity With Israel. According to Israeli media, the German Foreign Minister said that Israel has every right to defend itself against large-scale irreparable attacks. According to media reports, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss expressed solidarity with Israel and called for a […]