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Hezbollah Will Respond To Israeli Airstrikes

Beirut: Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah Has Announced A Full Response To Israeli Airstrikes In Lebanon. According to a foreign news agency, Hassan Nasrallah, the head of the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah, said that Israeli airstrikes in recent weeks were a “very dangerous development. We have not seen such a situation in the last 15 years. […]

Israel: Netanyahu’s Rule Over? Opposition Agrees To Form Coalition Government

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Various Ideological Parties Have Agreed To Form A Coalition Government In The Country. Under The Agreement, The Two Leaders Will Serve As Prime Ministers For A Half-term. Political opponents of incumbent Prime Minister Netanyahu have formally informed the president by e-mail that they are fully prepared to form a government and have […]

Israel: Prime Minister-designate Naphtali Bennett’s Security Intelligence Takes Over

Tel Aviv: The Security Of The Newly Appointed Prime Minister Of Israel Has Been Taken Over By Israeli Intelligence. The Western Media Has Confirmed This Through Intelligence Sources. According to Germany’s leading broadcaster DW, Israel’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett’s security was immediately taken over by Israel’s internal intelligence service. According to the broadcaster, this […]

Israel: Coalition Against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Enters Final Stages

The Formation Of A Coalition Of Israeli Politicians To Oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And Bring About “Changes” In Politics Has Reached Its Final Stages. According to foreign news agency AFP, they have until midnight to form an alternative governing coalition that would overthrow the government of the right-wing leader known as the BB. […]

Our Goal Is To Establish A Coalition Government In Israel, Yair Labid

Tel Aviv: Future Party Leader Yair Labid Has Said That The New Government To Be Formed In Israel Will Be Mixed. He Claimed That The Coalition Government Would Fulfill All Its Responsibilities. According to Israeli media, addressing a press conference, he also called the recent statement of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dangerous and provocative. […]

Israeli Strikes On Gaza Could Be ‘war Crimes’, Says UNHRC Chief

The Head Of The Un Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Has Said That Recent Israeli Airstrikes On Gaza Could Be A War Crime Because There Was No Evidence Of Military Use Of The Buildings Targeted. Speaking at a special UNHRC meeting, Michelle Bachelet expressed deep concern over the escalation of “violence between Israel and the Palestinians,” […]

The Owner Of The Media Building Destroyed In The Israeli Attack Has Reached The International Court

The Owner Of A Media Building Destroyed In An Airstrike In Gaza Has Reached The International Court Of Justice (ICJ) With A Lawsuit Against Israel. According to a foreign news agency, the owner of the media building destroyed in the Israeli attack said that the attack on the building is a war crime, about which […]

Israel’s Hypocrisy And Persecution Continue: Turkish Foreign Ministry

A Statement On The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Twitter Account Said That Israeli Police Had Intervened After Friday Prayers At Al-aqsa Mosque, Injuring At Least 20 People. Turkey has warned Israel against continuing its hypocritical attitude towards the Jerusalem intervention. A statement on the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account said that Israeli police had intervened at […]

Germany Expresses Solidarity With Israel Despite The Martyrdom Of 251 Palestinians

Tel Aviv: German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss Has Said He Is Here To Show Solidarity With Israel. According to Israeli media, the German Foreign Minister said that Israel has every right to defend itself against large-scale irreparable attacks. According to media reports, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss expressed solidarity with Israel and called for a […]

Israel Is Guilty Of Genocide Of Palestinians, Will Have To Pay The Price: Turkey

New York: Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu Has Said That Israel Is The Culprit Of The Palestinians. He Made It Clear That He Would Have To Pay The Price For His Crimes. According to the news Turkish Foreign Minister Cevdet Olu made the remarks while addressing the UN General Assembly. The Turkish Foreign Minister said […]