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At Least 17 People Have Been Killed And Several Others Injured In A Shooting In Niger

Niamey: A Gunman Opened Fire In The West African Country Of Niger, Killing 17 Villagers And Wounding Several Others. According to a foreign news agency, an unidentified gunman opened fire indiscriminately in southwestern villages in the South African country of Niger, killing 17 people and injuring dozens. According to local Mayor Halido Zebo, the incident […]

Nigeria: Kidnappers Demand Ransom For Release Of 80 Children

A Pastor Negotiating For The Release Of 80 Children Abducted From A Boarding School In Northern Nigeria Says The Kidnappers Have Demanded A Ransom Of One Million Naira Per Child. According to the foreign news agency Reuters, the children were abducted in an attack on Bethel Baptist High School in the state of Kaduna, Nigeria, […]

A Military Convoy Was Ambushed In Niger, Killing 15 People

Niamey: Gunmen Ambushed A Military Convoy In The West African Country Of Niger, Killing 15 And Wounding Seven, While Six Are Missing. Gunmen ambushed a military convoy on a mission in the Torodi district of southwestern Niger, according to the International News Agency. As another convoy arrived to help the injured, a loud explosion erupted. […]

Nigerian Military Plane Shot Down By ‘pirates’

Abuja: A Fighter Jet Engaged In An Operation Against Hijackers In Northern Nigeria Was Destroyed In Mid-air While The Pilot Barely Escaped. The incident took place on the border of Zamfra and Kaduna provinces. According to the Air Force, an Alpha jet was returning from a successful air strike against hijackers and robbers when it […]

Nigeria: Kidnappers Demand Food For Abducted Children

Accused Of Abducting More Than 100 Schoolchildren In Nigeria This Week Have Demanded Food For The Abducted Children, While Security Forces Are Stepping Up Efforts To Rescue The Children. According to the AFP news agency, according to the information received from the locals, the gang of armed robbers has caused trouble to the citizens through […]

Gunmen Attack School In Nigeria, Abduct 140 Students

Abuja: Armed Assailants In Nigeria Abducted 140 Students From A School. According to a foreign news agency, armed assailants abducted a large number of children from Bethel Baptist School in Kaduna, Nigeria. According to Nigerian police, the armed assailants took control of the school’s security guards and reached the children’s hostel and abducted the children […]

Nigeria A School Attack Killed A Policeman And Abducted 80 Female Students, Including Teachers

Abuja: Gunmen Have Killed A Police Officer And Abducted Five Teachers And 80 Schoolgirls In Nigeria. Gunmen have attacked a third school in Nigeria in a week, according to the International News Agency. A policeman guarding the school was shot dead as he tried to stop the attackers. The assailants entered the school after the […]

Terrorist Attacks In Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Kill 220 People

A Total Of 220 People Have Been Killed In Two Separate Terrorist Attacks In Two African Countries, Burkina Faso And Nigeria. According to a Reuters report, the local government called the attack in Burkina Faso the worst in recent years. According to a government statement, the attackers entered the village of Solhan in Yoga province, […]

Twitter Service Suspended In Nigeria Over President’s Deletion Of Tweet

Nigeria Has Suspended The Service Of Social Networking Site Twitter Indefinitely Following The Deletion Of President Muhammadu Hobari’s Post.   According to Reuters news agency, President Mohammad Bohari had threatened to punish local separatists in his tweet, as a result of which he was found guilty of violating Twitter rules, and two days ago his […]

Nigerian Gunmen Attack Islamic School, Abduct More Than 100 Children

Niamey: Gunmen On Motorcycles Stormed An Islamic Boarding School In Nigeria And Abducted More Than 100 Children. According to the International News Agency, gunmen entered a boarding school in Nigeria and opened fire indiscriminately, killing one person and injuring another, while the attackers abducted more than 100 children. The number of abducted children is not […]