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Introducing A Bill Banning Palestinians With Israeli Spouses

Tel Aviv: Israel’s Interior Minister Has Introduced A Bill That Would Bar Palestinians From Living In Israel With Their Israeli Husband Or Wife. According to the Times of Israel, the new citizenship law bill has been presented to the Ministry of Legislative Committee, after which it will be presented in the Israeli parliament Knesset, where […]

4 Palestinians Martyred By Israeli Firing

The Latest Incident Of Israeli Aggression And Aggression Has Come In Palestine. Four Palestinians Were Martyred In The Firing Of Israeli Army In The Occupied West Bank. According to the foreign news agency, clashes took place between the Israeli army and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank near Jenin and occupied Jerusalem. During the […]

Israeli Forces Fire On Palestinians During Protests In The West Bank

One Palestinian Was Killed And Several Others Were Injured When Israeli Forces Opened Fire On Protesters In The West Bank. According to the Reuters news agency, the incident took place in the south of the Palestinian city of Nablus, where Palestinians have protested against the Israeli settlements several times in recent times. The Israeli military […]

Searching For Palestinian Prisoners, Israel Enters The Army

Israel Has Deployed Troops In The Occupied West Bank, According To The Report, Israeli Combat Battalions Have Entered The Occupied West Bank. The Israeli air force also continues to carry out air strikes. The Israeli army chief has claimed that the operation is being carried out to catch people who have escaped from Israeli jails. […]

The Bodies Of 3 Palestinian Youths Were Found In A Tunnel On The Egyptian Border

Cairo: The Bodies Of 3 Palestinian Youths Have Been Found In A Tunnel On The Egyptian Border, Who Were Allegedly Killed By The Border Force After Filling The Tunnel With Poison Gas. According to the international news agency, the bodies of 3 Palestinian youths have been recovered from a tunnel leading from Gaza to Egypt. […]

Israeli Army Fire, 41 Palestinians Wounded

Gaza: 41 People Were Injured In The Firing Of The Israeli Army In Palestine. According to Arab media, Israeli barbarism continues in Palestine against which the oppressed Palestinians staged peaceful protests in Gaza. Israeli forces opened fire on him. Israeli forces opened fire, injuring 41 Palestinians, who were rushed to nearby hospitals. Last month, Israeli […]

4 More Palestinians Martyred By Israeli Army Firing

Gaza: 4 More Palestinians Were Martyred By The Firing Of The Israeli Army. According to the foreign news agency, the Israeli army occupying the refugee camp in the West Bank fired on the civilians once again, which also injured several civilians. Civilians wounded during the Israeli military offensive were rushed to a hospital. The Israeli […]

More Than 250 Palestinians Were Injured In Israeli Shelling

Occupied Jerusalem: 250 People Were Injured When Israeli Army Opened Fire On Palestinian Protesters. According to Arab media, more than 250 people were injured in clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in the West Bank. Gas, rubber bullets and direct fire. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, seven Palestinians were seriously injured as a […]

A 12-year-old Palestinian Boy Has Been Shot Dead By Israeli Forces In The West Bank

A 12-year-old Palestinian Boy Has Been Shot Dead By Israeli Forces Near The Occupied West Bank. A child traveling with his father in a car near Beit Omar in the Hebron area of ​​the West Bank was shot dead, according to the Associated Press. The boy was traveling in a car with his father and […]

Israeli Plane Bombs School Near Gaza

Gaza: Israeli Warplanes Bombed Gaza Again, Damaging Some Homes And A School Building. According to the international news agency, Israeli warplanes bombed the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The area targeted in the airstrikes is a civilian population and has a school. The Israeli airstrikes did not cause any casualties, but some homes and […]