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Palestinian Youth Shot Dead By Israeli Army

A Palestinian Youth Was Shot Dead By Israeli Troops During A Protest In The Occupied West Bank Against Israeli Illegal Settlements In Palestine. According to the report, a day after the violence in the Palestinian village of Beta, the Ministry of Health said that 17-year-old Muhammad Munir al-Tamimi was shot and died at the hospital. […]

Zionist Forces Inflict The Worst Violence On Men And Women In Jerusalem

The Israeli Army Tortured And Shot At Women And Youth Gathered Near Bab Al-amoud In Jerusalem. Zionist forces opened fire on Palestinian youths in the compound during an attack on Bab al-Amoud in occupied Jerusalem during Fajr prayers, and then entered and beat them with sticks and clubs. The Zionist soldiers did not spare the […]

A Sad Eid For Palestinians After The Israeli Bombing Of Gaza

The Reasons For Celebrating Eid Al-adha For Palestinians Who Lost Their Loved Ones To The Israeli Bombing Of Gaza Two Months Ago Are Limited. Eid, popularly known as the Feast of Sacrifice, is celebrated by followers of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) in remembrance of his son’s sacrifice in the cause of God. […]

Israel Arrests Dozens Of Palestinian Students On Terrorism Charges

The Israeli Army Has Arrested Dozens Of Palestinian Students In The Occupied West Bank On Charges Of Links To Hamas And Terrorism. According to the AFP news agency, Palestinian sources said that dozens of students from Barzit University in the occupied West Bank had been arrested, who were returning by bus from the village of […]

Israeli Settlement Is Tantamount To War Crimes, UN

Geneva: A UN Human Rights Investigator Says Israel Is Tantamount To War Crimes In The Ghettos In Occupied East Jerusalem And In The Occupied West Bank. According to the report, investigators have demanded that countries pay Israel for its “illegal occupation.” Michael Link, the UN special envoy for human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, […]

Heavy Bombing Of Gaza For The Third Time Despite Ceasefire By Israeli Planes

Gaza: Israeli Warplanes Pounded The Gaza Strip For The Third Time Since The Ceasefire, Claiming To Have Destroyed Hamas Weapons And Training Centers. According to the international news agency, despite the ceasefire agreement reached between Israel and Hamas, Israeli planes bombed a building and a compound in the Gaza Strip for the third time. An […]

Palestine Cancels Vaccine Deal With Israel

The Palestinian Authority Has Canceled An Agreement With Israel To Receive The Corona Vaccine, Calling It “Overdue.” According to the report, the Palestinian Authority said that the vaccines provided by Israel in the West Bank are about to expire. Following the announcement of the agreement, Palestinian officials were sharply criticized on social media. Palestinians have […]

Jerusalem: Israeli Forces Fire On Those Arriving For Friday Prayers

Gaza: The Mountains Of Persecution Against The Palestinians Have Been Broken Once Again On The Orders Of The New Government That Came To Power In Israel. Muslims Coming To Al-aqsa Mosque For Friday Prayers Have Been Shot, Injuring Several Worshipers. According to Arab and Israeli media, Israeli forces once again stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and fired […]

Israeli Bombing In Gaza, Ceasefire Agreement In Jeopardy

Israel Has Again Violated International Law And The Ceasefire Agreement By Bombing Gaza Again, Threatening To Endanger The Ceasefire Agreement With Hamas. Israeli forces have accused the Palestinian resistance group Hamas of carrying out bombings from various parts of Gaza, in response to which Gaza was bombed. An immediate response to the Israeli attack was […]

Two Palestinians, Including A Woman, Were Martyred By The Israeli Army

Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli Army Shot Dead Two Palestinians, Including A Woman. According to Arab media, the Israeli army shot dead a 29-year-old woman in occupied Jerusalem. The woman was identified as Mai Afnah, who belonged to the Abu Dass area. According to Palestinian media, the woman accidentally drove the car into Israeli He was turned […]