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313 Palestinian Martyrs At The Hands Of Israel In 2021

Jerusalem: In The Year 2021, Israel Martyred 313 Palestinians In A Demonstration Of Aggression. According to the Israeli human rights group Bethlehem, a large number of those killed by Israel are children, while the number of wounded is much higher than the 313 martyrs. The report said that 2021 was the deadliest year for Palestinians […]

Palestinian Journalists Protest Against Facebook For Removing Content Related To Israeli Atrocities

Jerusalem: Palestinian journalists protested against the removal of Facebook’s content on Israeli atrocities from social media platforms and against bias. According to the International News Agency, a large number of Palestinian journalists protested against Facebook’s bias and its soft stance towards Israel. Demonstrators say Facebook removes our authentic news and videos exposing Israeli atrocities. This […]

Israeli Authorities Issue License To Massacre Palestinians?

Tel Aviv: With The Permission Of The Israeli Government, The Military Leadership Has Allowed Its Troops To Open Fire On Stone-throwing Protesters. The Palestinians are outraged by the Israeli authorities’ permission, drawing the attention of the international community to the question of whether a license has been issued to massacre Palestinians. The Israeli newspaper quoted […]

A Palestinian Martyr Was Shot Dead By Israeli Forces

Gaza: A 42-year-old Man Who Was Forced To Live In A Refugee Camp After Being Displaced By Jewish Settlers In Palestine Was Shot Dead By Israeli Forces. According to the International News Agency, a 42-year-old Palestinian man, Fadi Abu Sheikhidam, was martyred in an armed clash that started from Bab al-Salsala area of ​​Palestine to […]

Palestinian Youth Martyred In Israeli Army Firing In West Bank

Gaza: Israeli Army’s Brutal Actions Against Unarmed Palestinians. According to Saddam Hussein, a spokesman for the Palestinian Health Department, a 26-year-old Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces near Nablus. Israeli forces are targeting Palestinians in the West Bank. A 13-year-old boy was shot dead by Israeli forces last week. Residents of Israeli settlements […]

Israeli Troops, Along With Settlers, Torture Palestinians, NGO

Human Rights Groups In Israel Say Israeli Forces Did Not Intervene To Protect Palestinians In The 183 Incidents Of Jewish Settler Violence Against Palestinians And Sometimes Took Part In Such Attacks. According to the AFP news agency, the rights group Batselim said it had documented 451 settler attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank since […]

The pro-Palestinian author refuses to allow the Israeli company to publish the book

Sally Roni, A 30-year-old Novelist From The European Peninsula Of Ireland, Has Expressed Solidarity With The Palestinians By Refusing To Allow An Israeli Publisher To Publish Her Novel. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Sly Roni said in a statement issued on October 12 that she had published her new novel because of the racist and […]

An Israeli Court Has Allowed Jews To Worship At Al-aqsa Mosque

Tel Aviv: An Israeli Court Has Handed Down A Controversial Ruling In Favor Of Jews Worshiping At Al-aqsa Mosque, Which Has Drawn Strong Protests From The Palestinian Authority. According to the international news agency, Israeli settler Rabbi Areh Lipo had filed a petition in the court against the temporary ban on the entry of Jews […]

Jerusalem: A Woman Was Killed By Israeli Forces In An Alleged Stabbing Attempt

Israeli Police Have Shot Dead A Palestinian Woman Accused Of Trying To Stab Officers In The Old City Of Jerusalem. Police also claimed that Israeli forces in the North West Bank shot dead a boy who allegedly shot and killed him during an arrest operation last night, according to AFP. Was fired. In the first […]

Israeli Army Firing, 5 Palestinians Martyred

Israeli Forces Kill 5 Palestinians In Occupied West Bank After The Incident, Hamas Announced Its Resistance Against Israeli Forces. Demonstrations against the arrests took place in various parts of the occupied West Bank, with the occupying Israeli army besieging Khala al-Ain. Israeli forces fired rockets at a house and opened fire on protesters, killing five […]