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Forest Fires Are Useful For Reducing Carbon Dioxide, Research Says

London / California: British And American Scientists Have Come Up With A Joint Idea That In Addition To Planting New Plants And Trees, If Forests Are Also Set On Fire In A Systematic Manner From Time To Time, It Will Help Reduce Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere. It Can Be Very Helpful. In a study […]

Drinking Warm Milk Is Really Good For Deep Sleep, Research Says

Washington: It Is Common For People To Drink A Hot Cup Of Milk Before Going To Bed. But Now Science Has Considered Whether Drinking Milk At Night Really Brings Deep Sleep. Experts have given a mixed answer. We know that milk contains a variety of amino acids that make up important proteins. These proteins bring […]

Fish Oil Capsules Are Not Good For Mental Health, Research Says

If You Take Fish Oil Capsules Or Vitamin D Supplements With The Expectation That It Will Help Improve Mental Health, Think Twice Before Spending Money. Yes, the use of fish oil capsules does not benefit mental health in any way as omega 3 fatty acids have no side effects or no effect on anxiety and […]

Meditation Also Strengthens Us Against Diseases, Research Says

Florida: American Experts Have Discovered That Meditation Also Strengthens Our Immune System, Which Is Very Helpful In Protecting Us From Various Diseases. The study was conducted on 106 volunteers who had done ‘Samyama Meditation’. Samyama meditation is completely silent for 8 days, meditation is done for ten hours daily, no meat of any kind is […]

It Is Better To Give A Nasal Vaccine Than An Injection, Research Says

Connecticut: American Scientists Have Discovered That Nasal Sprays Or Vapors May Be More Effective Than Injections. Yale University experts, led by Professor Akiko Iwasaki, conducted the study on mice, the results of which have been published online in the latest issue of “Science Immunology”. According to the details, the mice were divided into two groups, […]

What People Want To Know Depends On Their Emotions, Research Says

A New Study Has Found That People Want To Know About The Things In Their Lives That Make Them Feel Good And Are Not Interested In The Information That They Find Offensive. This is according to a study published in the scientific journal Nature Communication, which involved more than 500 people. Research has shown that […]

There’s No Point In Social Distance Without A Face Mask, Research Says

Adhering To The Principle Of Social Distance Of 2 Meters Without Face Mask Is Pointless To Avoid Code 19. This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United Kingdom. Cambridge University research has found that cod patients can infect people more than 2 meters away (without a face mask) if they do not […]

The Use Of Face Masks Reduces The Rate Of Code Cases By Up To 53%, Research Says

Precaution Is Said To Be Better Than Cure But Are Face Masks Really Helpful In Protecting Against Corona Virus? The use of face masks during the corona virus epidemic has become commonplace around the world to protect people from contracting code 19. But so far it has not been clear to what extent these seemingly […]

Facebook And Instagram Collect Data On Users Under 18, Research Says

Facebook And Instagram Collect Data On People Under The Age Of 18 With Software That Tracks Users’ Web Browsing Activity. This claim was made in a new study. The company, which owns social media platforms, announced in July 2021 that it would allow advertising companies to target younger users based solely on age, gender and […]

Sugar Drinks Make Younger Girls Smarter And Boys Duller, Research Says

Brussels: Scientists In Belgium Have Discovered That Drinking Soft Drinks Temporarily Increases The Intelligence Of Young Girls, While The Mental Abilities Of Young Boys Are Temporarily Impaired. Some previous studies have shown that limited sugar intake has a positive effect on intelligence, but all of these studies were performed on adults. To determine the effects […]