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Work Stress And Financial Stress Increase The Risk Of Stroke By 30%, Research Shows

Stockholm: A Lengthy Study Of More Than 100,000 People In 21 Countries Found That Work Stress And Financial Stress Increased The Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke By Up To 30%. The study used data from an international study, The Perspective Urban Rule Epidemiology (PURE), which began in 2002. This study, popularly known as “Pure”, […]

Obesity And Diabetes Can Lead To Breast Cancer In Women, Research Shows

Boston – Women With Obesity, Insulin Sensitivity Or Type 2 Diabetes May Have A Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer Than Others If They Suffer From Menopause, Scientists Say. Can Grow Science has shown that conditions such as metabolism and inflammation increase in obese women, but it is still important to understand this whole process. It […]

Whole Grains Also Help Prevent Diabetes, Research Shows

Helsinki: Finnish Medical Experts Have Discovered That The Use Of Whole Grains (Whole Grains) Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes, Which In The Coming Years Can Lead To Cost Savings In Diagnosis, Medicine And Other Related Matters. ۔ The study, published in the latest issue of the research journal Nutrients, was conducted jointly by experts from […]

A Good Night’s Sleep Protects Children From Obesity, Research Shows

Massachusetts: American Scientists Say That Children Who Get Long And Full Sleep Have A Lower Risk Of Obesity Later In Life. Experts registered 298 babies born between 2016 and 2018 at Massachusetts General Hospital for the study, according to a report published in the online research journal Sleep. The children were given light smart watches […]

Plant Fat Protects Against Heart Disease And Cancer, Research Shows

Tehran: A Global Study Led By Iranian Experts Has Found That Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA), A Naturally Occurring Plant Fat, Not Only Protects Our Heart From Many Diseases, But Also Cancer. (Cancer) Also Reduces The Risk. Let’s say that ALA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that are included in our basic nutritional needs. The […]

Covid-19 Poses A Risk Of Kidney Damage, Research Shows

Covid-19 Patients Are At Risk Of Serious Kidney Problems And Chronic Diseases. This was revealed in a medical study in Brazil. Research from the Federal University of Sao Paulo has shown that the S2 receptor not only helps the corona virus to infect cells and replicate them, but also imbalances the system that regulates blood […]

One In Three Patients With Covid Is At Risk For Long-term Symptoms, Research Shows

One In Three Patients Who Defeat Covid-19 Develops Long-term Symptoms Of The Disease. This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States. The University of California study examined longcode in cod patients in Long Beach. The term long code is used for patients who experience various symptoms several weeks or months after […]

Eating Apples And Pears Also Keeps Blood Pressure Normal, Research Shows

Ireland: We All Know The Health Effects Of Fruits And Vegetables, But Certain Types Of Fruits, Including Apples, Berries, Pears And Other Fruits, Can Be Very Helpful In Controlling Blood Pressure. These Fruits Are Rich In Antioxidants And Flavonoids, Which Help Prevent Pre-existing Diseases Such As Cancer And Diabetes. Although the benefits of these fruits […]

Just One Soft Drink Shortens The Life Span By 12 Minutes, Research Shows

Consumption Of Soft Drinks Is On The Rise These Days, But Did You Know That Drinking A Soft Drink Shortens 12 Minutes Of ‘healthy’ Life? The claim was made in a new medical study examining the effects of diet on human health and the environment. The study, published in the journal Nature Foods, examined more […]

Sleep Disorders Double The Risk Of Sudden Death, Research Shows

Pennsylvania: American Medical Experts Have Discovered That People Who Have Frequent Sleep Disturbances Are Almost Twice As Likely To Die Suddenly Of Heart And Vascular Problems Or Any Other Cause Than Those Who Sleep Peacefully. ۔ The study is actually a meta-analysis conducted by experts in Pennsylvania, USA, and details have been published online in […]