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Robot Dog Equipped With Sniper Rifle

Washington: A Robot Dog Has Been Equipped With A Sniper Rifle In The United States. According to the foreign news agency, a Philadelphia company has fitted a 6.5 mm gun on the back of a four-legged robot. The robotic dog was introduced at a trade show in the United States. Dog robot guns can automatically […]

Mufflin, A New Pet Robot Closer To Reality

Tokyo: In The Context Of Corona, We Are Limited To Homes. In This Regard, A New Pet Robot Has Been Created Which Has Been Named Mofflin Ka. Thanks To This Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nat Learns New Tricks And Becomes A Good Companion For Your Loneliness. It is so small that it can fit in one […]

Ai Quadruple Robot Performing Tricks On Sound Signals

New York: Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robots Are Very Expensive, But A Similar Little Pet Robot Has Been Built That Learns With Artificial Intelligence And Commands Sound Signals. Kids can learn technology and science lessons from it, while adults can enjoy watching it. The robot looks like a dog, but it is much more than that. […]