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US And Russia Face Off Over Ukraine

Moscow – Ukraine And The United States Have Been Embroiled In A Row Over Tensions And Tensions Over The Presidential Election, With Both Countries Blaming Each Other And Threatening Each Other. According to the international news agency, US President Joe Biden has expressed anger over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and said that if Russia takes […]

Europe Should Stay Within Its Limits Or The Consequences Will Be Dangerous, Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Warned Ukraine And NATO Member States That Military Exercises And Alignments Pose A Threat To National Security And Warned Europe Not To Overstep Its Bounds Or Face Dangerous Consequences. According to Russian media, President Putin made it clear that if the US and NATO military alliance installed a missile system […]

Russia Orders US Diplomatic Staff To Leave The Country

A Day Before A Crucial Meeting Between Russian And US Officials, Tensions Between The Two Countries Have Risen Again And Russia Has Ordered Us Ambassadors To Leave The Country. According to the AFP news agency, Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova has ordered the American staff who have been in Moscow for three years to leave […]

Russia Tests Another Hypersonic Missile

Russia Says It Has Successfully Tested Another Hypersonic Cruise Missile, The Zircon, In A Bid To Advance The World Powers’ Arms Race. According to the report, Russia, USA, France and China are testing so-called silent hypersonic vehicles and it is said that its speed is 5 Mach. The Defense Ministry said that Admiral Gorshkov launched […]

The United States Has Deported 27 Russian Diplomats

Washington – The United States Has Refused To Extend The Visas Of 27 Russian Diplomats And Ordered Them To Leave The Country By January 30. Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antoniov, told the media that 27 Russian diplomats and their families had been told to return to Russia from the United States, after […]

Russia Has Overtaken The United States

Moscow: Russia Overtakes US In Oil Production. According to a foreign news agency, Russia became the world’s largest oil producer in September, surpassing the United States. Russia became the world’s largest oil producer in September this year, according to the National Statistics Service. Russia produced 10.45 million barrels of oil per day in July, while […]

Russia; Coal Mine Fire Kills 52

The Death Toll From A Coal Mine Fire In Russia’s Siberia Region Has Risen To More Than 50. According to Russian media, the dead included six aid workers who had been sent to the mine for help, with local governor Sergei Tsveliv saying 285 miners were at the mine at the time of the accident. […]

11 Kills In Coal Mine Fire In Russia, Leaves Many Missing

A Fire At A Coal Mine In Russia’s Siberia Region Has Killed At Least 11 People And Left Several Others Missing. According to Russian media, local grower Sergei Tsveliv said that there were 285 miners in the mine at the time of the accident. 200 people have been rescued in the rescue operation. Authorities say […]

Russia Accuses US Of Conducting Nuclear Drills

Russia Has Accused The United States Of Conducting Exercises To Launch A Nuclear Attack On Russia. Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that the United States had conducted nuclear exercises with Russia this month. American planes came within 20 kilometers of the Russian border. The Russian Defense Ministry added that 10 US bombers involved […]

Nuclear Strike Drills By US Bombers Near Russian Border

Moscow: US Bombers Have Conducted Nuclear Strike Exercises Near The Russian Border. Nuclear Strike Exercises Have Been Conducted From Two Different Directions. According to the British news agency Reuters, this claim has been made by the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. He alleged that US bombers had conducted the exercises earlier this month. According […]