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Saudi Arabia; Princess Imprisoned For 3 Years Was Released Due To Illness

Princess Bismillah Bint Saud, Who Has Been In Saudi Arabia For The Past Three Years Without Trial, Has Been Released Due To Illness. Bismillah Bint Saud, 57, was arrested along with her daughter in March 2019, according to the International News Agency. Bismillah bint Saud became more ill during her detention but refused to undergo […]

Drone Fired At Saudi Arabia Destroyed

Riyadh: Saudi Forces Destroy A Drone Fired At Saudi Arabia By Houthis. According to a spokesman for the Saudi-led Arab League, the Houthis fired drones at Saudi Arabia, which were destroyed by Saudi forces before reaching their target. The drone crash happened early this morning. The Houthis shot down the drone from Yemen. Houthi drones […]

Saudi Arabia; 5 Pakistanis Arrested For Money Laundering

Riyadh: Five Pakistanis Were Arrested In The Saudi City Of Madinah On Charges Of Illegally Sending Money Abroad. According to the Saudi News Agency, five Pakistanis have been arrested in Madinah on charges of money laundering. A large amount of money has also been recovered from the possession of the accused, about which the accused […]

Houthi Rebel Drone Strike On Saudi Arabia Fails

Riyadh: Arab Coalition Forces Thwarted A Houthi Rebel Drone Strike On A Saudi City. According to Arab media, the drone strike was destroyed in mid-air, thwarting the Houthi rebels’ attempt at a drone attack on Saudi Arabia. A statement from the Arab League said Houthi rebels had targeted the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait, but […]

Due To The Illness Of The Saudi Monarch, Muhammad Bin Salman Took Over The Running Of The Country

Riyadh: Due To The Illness Of 86-year-old Ruler Of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdulaziz, All The Responsibilities Of The Kingdom Have Fallen On The Shoulders Of 36-year-old Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman. According to a report by the international news agency ‘AFP’, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has now assumed most of the responsibilities of […]

Saudi Arabia: An Important Decision Regarding PCR Test

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has made the most important decision considering the latest situation of the corona virus, which has been declared a global epidemic. In this regard, Hum News quoted the Saudi news agency as saying that under the government decision, foreign husbands of Saudi women and foreign wives of Saudi men will be exempted […]

Saudi Arabia Will Recognize Israel If It Abides By The 2002 Peace Agreement

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia Has Said It Is Ready To Normalize Relations With Israel, Provided It Implements The 2002 Peace Agreement. “Our condition for the normalization of relations with Israel is the implementation of the 2002 peace agreement,” Abdullah al-Muallimi, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, told Arab News, according to the World News […]

Beauty Contest In Saudi Arabia, 40 Camels Out Of Botox

In Saudi Arabia, 40 Camels Were Excluded From The Beauty Pageant Due To Beauty Injections. Authorities cracked down on camels before the beauty contest at the King Abdul Aziz Camel Fair and identified 40 camels that had been given Botox injections to remove wrinkles. According to the report, 40 camels injected with Botox were declared […]

Saudi Arabia Made A Big Announcement

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia Has Issued Extension Orders Till January 31, 2022, Giving Special Concessions To Foreign Nationals Holding Residency. Saudi Arabia, a foreign news agency, has issued orders to extend the stay and departure period till January 31, 2022, giving special concessions to citizens of residency countries of travel-restricted countries. Saudi officials say the length […]

Saudi Arabia Issues New Conditions For Umrah

The Saudi Ministry Of Hajj And Umrah Has Issued Conditions Regarding The Arrival Of Umrah Pilgrims In Saudi Arabia. According to Saudi Arabia’s state news agency, the new conditions allow foreign visitors who have been vaccinated by the Saudi government to perform Umrah without a quarantine upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. According to the statement, […]