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Afghanistan: A Fire Broke Out After A Rocket Attack On A Hospital In Kunar Province

Suspected Taliban Fighters Fired Rockets At An Afghan Hospital, Causing Extensive Damage And Destroying The Covid-19 Vaccine, But No Casualties Were Reported. In northern Afghanistan, the Taliban seized the area of ​​Sher Khan Bandar, a dry port on the Tajik border, forcing customs officials and members of the security forces to flee across the border, […]

Afghanistan: Taliban Seize Main Border Crossing To Tajikistan

The Taliban Seized Afghanistan’s Main Border Crossing With Tajikistan, And Security Forces Crossed The Border And Fled. The capture of Sher Khan Bandar in northern Afghanistan, 50km from Kunduz, is the Taliban’s biggest victory since the announcement of the withdrawal of US forces, according to AFP. “Unfortunately, after an hour and a half of fighting […]

The Taliban Want A Real Islamic System In Afghanistan

Kabul: The Afghan Taliban Have Said They Want An Islamic System That Guarantees Women’s Rights Under Religious Principles And Cultural Traditions. According to the International News Agency, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan is continuing, while the inter-Afghan talks between the Kabul government and the Afghan Taliban in Doha have proved fruitless. In such […]

20 Afghan Army Commandos Killed In Clashes With Taliban

Faryab: 20 Afghan Army Commandos Were Killed In Clashes With Taliban In Faryab Province. According to Afghan media, Afghan army commandos and local security personnel launched an operation against the Taliban in Daulatabad district of Faryab province, after which about 20 commandos were killed and six others were injured in the clashes. The commandos belonged […]

US Withdrawal From Afghanistan: Afghan Army Will Not Be Able To Spend 5 Days, Taliban Leader

Kabul: The US Withdrawal From Afghanistan And The Withdrawal Of Eu Troops Are Imminent, But Talks Between Taliban Leaders And The Afghan Government Have So Far Failed To Produce Results As Violence Continues In The Country. The Taliban have seized 30 districts in Afghanistan since the final withdrawal of US troops in May, according to […]

Turkey Will Also Have To Withdraw From Afghanistan

Taliban spokesman Sohail Shaheen has said that Turkey will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan under the Doha agreement. In a text message sent to Reuters, Shaheen said Turkey should also leave Afghanistan because it has been a member of NATO. Sohail Shaheen said that Turkey had been a part of NATO forces for the last […]

As The Taliban’s Influence Grows, The United States Could Strike Kabul With Fighter Jets, The New York Times Reported

New York – The New York Times Has Claimed That The United States Could Use Bombers, Drones Or Warplanes To Increase The Taliban’s Influence In Kabul. The New York Times quoted US officials as saying that the United States could send its bombers, drones and fighter jets to the Afghan capital, Kabul, in light of […]

A Car Bomb Blast Near An Afghan Military Base Has Killed At Least Six People And Injured Dozens More

Baghlan: A Car Bomb Blast Near A Military Base In Baghlan Province Of Afghanistan Killed Six Soldiers And Injured Several Others. According to Afghan media, a car bomb blast near a military base in Baghlan province killed six security personnel and injured 10 others. ۔ On the other hand, after the car bombing, the Taliban […]

The Taliban Shot Down An Afghan Air Force Helicopter

Withdrawal of US troops The Taliban have stepped up operations in Afghanistan. According to Afghan media, an Afghan Air Force helicopter crashed in the Afghan province of Maidan Wardak, killing three security personnel and injuring one. According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, the helicopter was sent on a mission to evacuate the injured members. […]