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Beard And Smartphone Are Not Problems, Do What You Have To Do

Kabul: The Afghan Government Has Denied Reports Of A Beard Cut And A Ban On Women Using Smartphones. The Afghan Ministry of Culture and Information has dismissed reports of beards and banning women from using smartphones as lies. Afghan government officials say no such ban is part of the government’s official policy. It should be […]

Ban On Female Teachers And Students From Entering Kabul University

Kabul University Has Banned The Entry Of Female Teachers And Female Students. The new director of Kabul University in the Afghan capital has announced that the admission of women to the university, whether they are lady teachers or female students, has been suspended indefinitely. It should be noted that the new director Muhammad Ashraf was […]

Taliban Call On Airlines To Resume International Flights

In Afghanistan, The Taliban Government Has Called On International Airlines To Resume Flights. The Taliban Have Promised Full Co-operation With The Companies, Claiming That Problems At Kabul Airport Have Been Resolved. Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahir Balkhi said the suspension of international flights had left many Afghans stranded abroad and made it difficult for people […]

The Taliban Banned Beard Trimming

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have begun enforcing strict laws as soon as they take control. In Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, the Taliban have banned hairdressers from trimming or trimming men’s beards. The Taliban claim that this is a violation of Islamic law, which will be punished. According to a barber in Kabul, the Taliban have ordered […]

Afghan Mujahid’s Feat: Invented The Long-range Electric Gun

Kabul: A Young Afghan Man Has Surpassed Other Developed Countries, Including The United States, By Inventing A Long-range Electric Gun. A statement issued by the Islamic Emirate on the social networking site Twitter said that the young Mujahid Shafiullah Bilal of the Islamic Emirate has developed an electric gun which has been named as B4 […]

Taliban Banned From Visiting Tourist Destinations And Taking Selfies

Kabul: The Afghan Taliban Have Been Banned From Visiting Tourist Destinations And Taking Selfies. The Ban Was Imposed By The Afghan Defense Minister. Afghan Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqub has banned militants from visiting tourist sites and taking selfies, according to the Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, the Afghan Defense Minister has issued […]

The Taliban Shot Dead Four Kidnappers

The Taliban Today Publicly Hung The Bodies Of Four People Involved In The Abduction Of Children In A Public Square In Herat. The Taliban say the kidnappers were involved in the kidnapping of a businessman and his son, who were killed in a clash with the Taliban today. Local Taliban leaders in Herat say the […]

Jalalabad: A Taliban Vehicle Was Blown Up, Killing 8 People

A Bomb Blast In The Afghan City Of Jalalabad In Nangarhar Province Has Killed Eight People. According to Afghan media, a roadside bomb hit a Taliban vehicle in Jalalabad. The blast injured six people who were taken to a local hospital where they are being treated. A few days ago, a Taliban vehicle was targeted […]

Afghan Defense Minister Admits Taliban Retaliation

Kabul: Afghan Defense Minister Mullah Mohammad Yaqub Has Admitted Retaliation By The Taliban Despite A General Amnesty. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid shared an audio message from the Afghan defense minister on Twitter in which Mullah Mohammad Yaqub acknowledged retaliation despite a general amnesty from the Taliban, saying there had been a few incidents in which […]

Compared To The Past, The Laws Will Be Based On The Qur’an: Mullah Nooruddin Turabi

Kabul: Senior Taliban Leader Mullah Nooruddin Turabi Has Called On The International Community To Stop Interfering In Afghanistan’s Internal Affairs. He Clarified That The Punishments Deemed Appropriate Would Be Implemented. “Everyone criticized us for enforcing punishments in the stadium or in the open, but we never said anything about their laws and the punishments they […]