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Kabul: Attack On Jalalabad Check Post, 3 Killed

Kabul: Three People Were Killed In An Attack On A Check Post In Afghanistan’s Jalalabad Province. According to Afghan media, a rickshaw carrying armed men stopped at the Jalalabad check post. Rickshaw riders refused to search security personnel and opened fire indiscriminately at the check post. Several people were also injured in the firing and […]

Taliban Arrest Man Removing Pakistani Flag From Truck

The Taliban Have Arrested A Man Who Took Down A Pakistani Flag From A Relief Truck. According to Afghan media reports, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujabid said that a man who had taken down the Pakistani flag from a relief truck at Torkham had been arrested and disarmed. He clarified that no one is allowed to […]

The United States Must Also Be Held Accountable For Its Past Killings And Crimes, The Taliban Said

Kabul: Taliban Deputy Minister For Culture And Information Zabihullah Mujahid Has Said That The United States Should Apologize For The Killings During The Afghan War And Provide Financial Assistance As Compensation To The Bereaved. According to the World News Agency, the United States acknowledged the “serious mistake” in killing 10 people, including children, in a […]

Taliban Direct Female Employees To Stay At Home

The Interim Mayor Of The Afghan Capital, Kabul, Says Many Of The City’s Female Employees Have Been Ordered By The New Taliban Rulers To Stay At Home. Hamdullah Namoni told reporters Sunday that only women are allowed to report at work who cannot be replaced by men. She says they include skilled employees working in […]

A Child Was Killed And Two Others Were Injured In A Bomb Blast On A Taliban Vehicle In Nangarhar

Nangarhar: A Child Was Killed And Two Others Were Injured In A Bomb Blast On A Taliban Vehicle In The Afghan Province Of Nangarhar. According to Afghan media, a Taliban vehicle was again bombed in Nangarhar province yesterday, killing one child and injuring two others. A spokesman for Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the blast […]

Boating In The Lake By Afghan Fighters

Kabul: After The End Of The War In Afghanistan, Taliban Fighters Have Time To Sail. According to Afghan media, Taliban fighters arrived at a lake in Afghanistan’s national park for fun and began to enjoy a foot-powered boat there, pictures of which went viral on social media. Afghan fighters have also carried weapons, including rocket […]

As Soon As The Arrangements Are Completed, Girls’ Schools Will Be Opened, A Taliban Spokesman Said

Kabul: Afghan Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid Has Said That Schools Will Be Reopened As Soon As Separate Educational Arrangements For Girls Are Completed. Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has said that propaganda about girls’ schools in Afghanistan should stop, according to a foreign news agency. As soon as separate classes for girls and arrangement of […]

Only Boys’ Schools Allowed To Open In Afghanistan, UNESCO Warns

UNESCO Warns Of Allowing Only Boys’ Schools To Open In Afghanistan. According to a foreign news agency, the Taliban government in Afghanistan has ordered that only boys and male teachers be allowed to go to school for secondary education. London-based Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot dead by the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), strongly […]

Afghanistan: Ministry Of ‘ordering Good And Preventing Evil’ Established

In Afghanistan, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs has been abolished and a Ministry of ‘Commanding Good and Preventing Evil’ has been established. On Friday, a board bearing the name “Women’s Ministry” was removed from the ministry building. “We have been trying to return to work for several weeks, but we have been barred from entering […]

‘Official Language Will Be Dari And Pashto, Religion Will Be Islam’ Constitutional And Basic Structure Of Afghanistan

The Taliban’s Interim Government In Afghanistan Has Issued A New Constitutional Framework Stating That The Official Language Will Be Dari, Pashto And Islam. The constitutional and constitutional framework consists of 40 points, the people of Afghanistan will enjoy basic human rights and justice equally. Afghanistan is a free and independent Islamic Emirate, other religions and […]