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Cellular Time Machine, Which Reverses Pancreatic Cancer

New York: Pancreatic Cancer Is Spreading At An Alarming Rate, But Now It Can Be Reversed With A Cellular Time Machine. It Was Developed By Professor Bimsu Han And His Colleagues At The University Of Purdue Center For Cancer Research. Now, for the first time, we’ve figured out a way to heal cancer cells, which […]

Sunlight And Wind Oil System

Scientists Have Developed A New System That Can Make Fuel From Sunlight And Wind. This System Can Work Under Normal Conditions Instead Of Laboratory And Specific Conditions. It can be used in areas such as aviation and shipping, but first steps have to be taken for its mass production. The system is part of a […]

Instagram Announces Halt To Kids’ Version Of App

Instagram Is A Very Popular Photo Sharing App Among Young People, Owned By Facebook. But a report in the Wall Street Journal in mid-September 2021 claimed that Facebook’s own research had found that Instagram could have a negative effect on young people’s mental health. The report said that internal research under Facebook lasted for 3 […]

Facebook Reveals Special Treatment For Influential Users

Mark Zuckerberg Says His Social Network Rules Apply Equally To All Users, But Not To Millions Of Facebook Users. This claim was made in a new report of the Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Facebook has a secret internal system that does not allow the rules of social networking to be applied to […]

Russia’s Own Internet Is In The Final Stages Of Completion

Moscow: Russia Has Finalized The Possibility Of Disconnecting Itself From The Global Internet Network And Launching Its Own Internet For Safe And Reliable Net Surfing. According to Russian media, Russia’s own network, the Russian Internet, is in the final stages of completion. According to media reports, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin […]